Could Dogecoin be the next Bitcoin? | Your Morning

laatste update: 11-2023

The currency, which was created as a joke, has exploded in popularity over the past few weeks.

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23 gedachten over “Could Dogecoin be the next Bitcoin? | Your Morning”

  1. Bitcoin has been blazing a few indications of solidarity all through the previous few days over others, with bulls being in


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  2. Jokes are on him. Dogecoin is a force to be reckoned with. People forgot that Bitcoin was under ONE penny in 2010. Nobody gave a sh*t about it. So many people doubted the coin and BAM!!! Look where we are today. Keep thinking it's a joke and you will live with regrets, just like those idiots from the early bitcoin days.

  3. I am going to buy a printed t shirt that has the doge coin picture with the words Coin of the people and buy doge coin.

  4. सर doge coin का price elon musk के tweet के बाद सिर्फ 0.81 ₹ jump आया है और खबर है कि doge coin लगभग 1$ के आसपास चला जायें

  5. Ofcourse it can be the next Bitcoin, it's only about the time that matters and people's money they invest.
    If we get 120billion marketcup it hits $1 when is not so difficult as it looks. If 100M people invest like like $100 dollars we will see it will happen by tomorrow

  6. the cryptocurrency market is volatile, but not confusing. Do your research…… it is only confusing for people with lack of knowledge!

  7. Yes Dogecoin has the potential. It is faster and cheaper as a payment processor.

  8. I don't want to have any more regrets like I did because of my ignorance back in the early 2010's when everyone and their Mama thought Bitcoin was an absolute joke. The visionaries got RICH. The fearful pessimists got poorer lol.

  9. People forget that Dogecoin has the exact same infrastructure as Bitcoin, with the exception of a few different tweaks. So the people who say that it is, useless don't make any sense. Especially given the fact that there has been so many charity events that DOGE donated to.
    Now, a couple reasons that are aiding in dogecoin's low value, being one of them is that there is currently no cap. Which according to a Github post there was a cap at one point, but it was disabled.
    Another reason is that there are tons of miners out there who are mining the daylights out of the coin.
    Just to revert back to the first point, I think they're purposely not enabling the "soft cap", because they want to weed out the "pump and dumpers". But in my opinion, if they would simply take steps to make this coin more stable, it could give people more reasons to stick around.
    Sorry about the rant..

  10. Can someone explain how this is possible since doge doesn’t have a cap and there being an unlimited supply as opposed to bitcoin ? Thanks.

  11. Doge coin will soon hit $10 it has the same potential as bitcoin,

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