Complete Astra 3.0 Tutorial in 2023

laatste update: 12-2023

In this video, I show you how you can configure your WordPress website with the Astra theme, one of the best free themes for WordPress.

Download the Astra theme here:
All my Astra tutorials:

Of course, I will show you how to install the Astra theme. Then we will install a complete Website using the Astra Starter Template. After that, I will show you how to configure the Astra theme from scratch.

We will talk about the font styles on the website, both for the text and headers. Then we will talk about the colors on our website. We will talk about how to adjust the layout of the website and decide per page how we want it to look. So on the homepage, it can be a full-width page and on the blog page, it can be in a container.

Then we will talk about the brand new header builder in Astra 3.0. You can just drag items from one place to another, configure those items and create the header you have in mind. We will also create a separate header for tablets and smartphones.

We will add breadcrumbs that help the viewer through the website. We will style the blog page and the blog post pages. Make use of sidebar widgets, depending on which page you are on. We will create a footer.

We will configure our WooCommerce Store with the Astra theme. Change the layout, amount of products that should be displayed, change the image size, and at the end, we will add more sidebar widgets for specific pages in the website. We will also talk a bit about Astra Pro, Astra Mini Agency, and Astra Agency.

Overview With Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:00:09 Overview Of The Astra 3.0 Tutorial
00:01:37 Install The Astra Theme
00:03:58 Import An Astra Starter Template
00:05:48 Our Pre Made Website
00:06:46 Import An Agency Website

00:08:35 What Does A Theme Do Exactly?
00:09:43 Install The Astra Theme
00:11:27 Configure The Astra Theme
00:11:50 Add A Logo
00:12:59 Typography
00:16:02 Colors

The Layout
00:18:18 The Container
00:23:07 The Container

The Astra Header Builder
00:24:37 An Overview Of The Header Builder
00:25:38 Configure the Background
00:27:52 Configure the Menu
00:28:31 Configure the Top Bar

A Repsnsive Header
00:31:46 Tablet View
00:35:29 Configure the Tablet Menu
00:36:22 The Smartphone Header
00:37:37 Menu Hover Settings
00:38:17 Configure The Submenu

The Blog In Astra 3.0
00:40:43 The Blog page
00:43:03 The Sidebar Settings
00:46:30 More Sidebar Settings

The Footer
00:47:44 Configure The Footer In Astra

00:54:44 Configure Your Store

00:59:48 Add Plugins
01:00:54 Add WooCommerce Widgets

01:03:46 Astra Pro
01:05:28 Astra Mini Agency
01:05:54 Astra Agency
01:06:16 The Pricing
01:08:14 Thank You

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  1. Love Astra and now that it's got a great header, it's up there with the best again.

  2. Thanks a lot bro. Your tutorials really helped me a lot!

  3. I finally am able to follow your tutorials, but you skip over very important details, so your tutorials are not nearly as effective as they could be. Very disappointing, because you obviously know Astra and WordPress very well.

  4. Hi Ferdy! Can you help me with something? When you go to buttons and you click on the blue icon near the home button, I don't have that option! Only a blue icon near the logo. Any ideas? Thanks for your help with these awesome videos.

  5. With the latest Google update focusing on website speed.. Elementor is really no longer an option as it seems to slow down the site considerably. The new WP 5.8 update is due out July 20, 2021 which will include improvements to the block editor.. so wouldn't it be a better idea to use Gutenberg? I hate to say this because I LOVE Elementor.. and I absolutely LOATHE Gutenberg, but site speed is going to be of the utmost importance going forward.

  6. Ferdy very good video. Well done.
    For the life of me i cannot get the started template to activate and take affect. Followed every step. Same template. This is using the free version Astra and Elementer. So many re install on the complete wordpress software.

  7. Hello Ferdy, at 50:20 I couldn't find Product sidebar…. Do I need to install WooCommerce?

  8. Hi fredy, I'm confused about how to link mens catalogues. Like how can I add products link into shop now button or mens t-shirt in mens catagory, in the same theme?

  9. Your videos helped me a lot. And i am using your link to purchase Astra. Thank you for all your help. You deserve it. All the way from Singapore.

  10. Great tutorial thanks. I am using a starter template but I am struggling with swapping images as they are not automatically resizing to the template size in the various modules – the main banner seems to be fine. I know the original image has been cropped to the template size so I don't know why it isn't doing it when I upload/swap in an image. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

  11. In typography do we need to choose variants for the font?

  12. Great video! I've returned to Wordpres after many years and am amazed at all the changes. When I created my new blog on it, I didn't download a template and now I want one. Will downloading one destroy/modify the posts I have created on my site? Or will everything just smoothly fit together keeping everything intact?

  13. Please can someone help me out , I couldn’t import full astra , after I downloaded no header and also no some images and impossible to edit . Thank for helping

  14. Great Tutorial – wish I had watched it before trying to build my website by trial and error with every page hardcoded

  15. Thank you so much for your amazing video. But please please can I ask for your help as I cannot find the answer anywhere. I watched your previous astra tutorial 2 years ago and set up my website without any issues. But Now when I am trying to do the same for my brother, and I completely struggling. The biggest issue I have is that my primary header is not showing. If I put the elements into the "above header" or "beneath header" section I can see them, but if I put the elements in my primary header, nothing is showing up. Do you please please maybe know why? Also, the second issue I have is that the mobile site doesn't seem to reflect what is on desktop site. I know that I didn't have to change much for my mobile site, but now I have the feeling that I will have to do separate set ups for desktop and mobile. I am sorry if I am saking you too much but I wish I was able to find the answer online so that I didnt have to bug you. Thank you for any help in advance

  16. I want to know if Astra has its own block editor or its own page builder

  17. why is there no option in the customizer for a sticky image. i want that when i scroll down to the description the image stays sticky over the length of the summary

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