Chumlee Pleads Guilty, Goodbye Pawn Stars in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

Chumlee Pleads Guilty, Goodbye Pawn Stars

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The reality television show Pawn Stars has become a pop culture phenomenon. The show follows a family as they run and operate their pawn shop, Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The employees of the shop are some of the most memorable characters on television. More specifically, employee Chumlee has definitely been a fan favorite and has made his way into the hearts of loyal fans of the show. Unfortunately, the ride might coming to an end – keep reading to find out why.

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30 gedachten over “Chumlee Pleads Guilty, Goodbye Pawn Stars in 2022”

  1. Do you think Chumlee should have gotten the ax after his trouble with the law? Or do you agree that the Harrisons were right in keeping him on board? Whichever way you slice it – Chumlee remains a Pawn Star. Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one.

  2. Hey chumlee give me a g of coke
    Chumlee: best I can do is half a g

  3. Anyone else got those charges they wouldn't see the light of day

  4. Yes he looked high often and he looks like the guy that no woman wants other than for his money.. is pretty sad..

  5. I got sentenced to more time than him for half of the crime that's just f**** amazing

  6. Y’all better free my man chub he just living his best life

  7. Your description says keep reading to find out why. How am I supposed to read a video

  8. Austin Lee Russell is a badass name! It's better than Chumlee, Chumlee. Steve AUSTIN, General LEE, Kurt RUSSELL or pick your Russell's right Chum?!

  9. Chumlee is trying though and great Respect to Rick and Corey (?) Harrison 😎🙂

  10. Chumlee droped soap in Prison shower.
    Chumlee: Let me call an expert to help me for this.

  11. Judge: You’ve got to serve 6 years no bail

    Chum: Let me just phone a friend

  12. Chum Lee is still the man I don't care what this AI generated video says

  13. Judge: “life in jail”

    Rick: struggles. “Can you do $500,000”

    Judge: “nope. Life in jail”

  14. It proves " what money can do !!! Ruin your life ? Spend it wisely🤔

  15. Well I still see the pawnshop to this day in the Philippines soooo was he actually arrested?

  16. this video should be called "recommendations no one cares about"

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