Christopher Edwards, Head of Coinbase Institute, and Nick Carr, Stand with Crypto Alliance in 2023

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In this episode, Paul Brigner, PGP* for Crypto Podcast host, engaged in a conversation on cryptocurrency policy with Christopher Edwards, Head of Coinbase Institute, and Nick Carr, Chief Strategist for the Stand with Crypto Alliance. During the discussion, the guests shared their backgrounds and involvement in the crypto space, emphasizing the importance of understanding how cryptocurrency impacts various facets of national security beyond traditional security concerns. They highlighted the economic significance of crypto, its potential to influence global economic dynamics, and the role of stablecoins in maintaining the strength of the U.S. dollar in international finance. The conversation delved into topics such as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), the intersection of AI and crypto, and the environmental impact of cryptocurrency.

The guests also shed light on the goals and activities of the Stand with Crypto Alliance, emphasizing its grassroots advocacy approach and the support it has garnered from the crypto community. They discussed the minting of NFTs as a means of supporting the movement and the organization’s focus on advocating for cryptocurrency-related legislation in the short term, with potential expansion into broader roles in the crypto ecosystem and policy landscape in the future.

Additionally, the conversation touched on various priorities in crypto policy, including concerns about specific legislation and the need for policy nuance and in-depth analysis. The importance of community involvement and partnerships between Stand with Crypto and established entities in the crypto community was highlighted. The discussion concluded with an appreciation of transparency and the potential for future updates on the progress of Stand with Crypto Alliance’s advocacy efforts.

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00:00 Welcome and Introductions
01:48 Christopher Edwards’ Crypto Story
04:58 Nick Carr’s Crypto Story
07:04 Overview of Coinbase Institute
10:36 Crypto and National Security
16:54 Economic Strength with Crypto for National Security
20:18 Stablecoins, Innovation, and Privacy
22:57 Crypto and Artificial Intelligence
28:56 Crypto and the Environment
30:21 Making Carbon Credits More Accessible
31:47 Bitcoin Mining and Renewable Energy
36:22 Stand With Crypto Was Born
40:18 Blockchain Advocacy on Capitol Hill
45:16 Grassroots Engagement and Advocacy Opportunities
49:44 Stand With Crypto’s Organizational Structure and Future
52:25 Advocating for FIT21, the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act
55:37 Policy Priorities and Existential Threats for Crypto
01:03:38 Partnerships and Grassroots Amplification
01:07:19 Conclusion

Please be advised that the information provided in this podcast is for informational and educational purposes only and is not to be taken as legal or financial advice. The opinions and views expressed by our guests are their own and may not reflect the official stance of the organizations they represent or those of Electric Coin Co. Always consult a legal or financial professional before making any decisions.

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  1. Detailed summary with direct links to the episode:

    – [00:00]( 🎙 Introduction to the PGP for Crypto Podcast with Christopher Edwards and Nick Carr

    – Introduction to the PGP for Crypto Podcast where cryptocurrency policy and regulations are discussed.

    – Brief introductions to the guests: Christopher Edwards from Coinbase Institute and Nick Carr from Stand With Crypto Alliance.

    – Note that the podcast is not for providing legal or financial advice.

    – [01:34]( 🎤 Personal stories in crypto from the guests

    – Christopher Edwards discusses his journey from politics and law to finding affinity with the transformative potential of cryptocurrency.

    – Nick Carr presents his long history with politics and his progression into cryptocurrency since 2017, emphasising the need to maintain innovation within US crypto infrastructure.

    – [06:53]( 🏦 Brief overview of Coinbase Institute

    – The Coinbase Institute is described as a proactively forward-looking policy think-tank within the crypto space.

    – The aim of the Institute is to consider more broadly the various policy areas crypto touches today and in the future, and to explain relevant policy implications.

    – [12:23]( 🌐 Details on the Crypto & National Security Event

    – Review of the recent event discussing the interconnection between cryptocurrency and national security.

    – Former Senator Pat Toomey offers insights on plans for crypto legislation in Congress.

    – Comment on the event's discussions on the role crypto can play in economic strength, job creation, stabilizing the global reserve currency and making the US a stronger player on the global stage.

    – [20:14]( 💡 Discussion of stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

    – Observations on the recent legislation for a moratorium on CBDC development and promotion of industry-led innovation in the stablecoin space.

    – Mention of concerns over government capability to efficiently implement a CBDC in a way that serves payment functionalities as intended for stablecoins.

    – [22:05]( 🛡 Discussion on implications of CBDC and privacy concerns

    – Criticisms of the government's ability to monitor transactions on a centralized, government-controlled ledger.

    – The potential for stablecoins to offer better privacy solutions for users.

    – [23:09]( 💻 Intersection of crypto and AI

    – Mention of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's stance on decentralized, open-source AI.

    – Discussion on increased transparency in AI through blockchain and crypto technology.

    – Exploration of AI's potential role in crypto, particularly in areas of automation, authentication, and analysis.

    – [25:03]( 📘 Possibility of open source data through blockchain technology

    – Emphasis on the importance of data availability for effective AI operations.

    – Elaboration on the potential for blockchain databases to enhance AI capabilities by open sourcing as much information as possible.

    – [27:01]( 🔁 Discussion on the dynamics of AI and crypto in effecting transactions

    – Exploration of the possibility of AI engaging in transactions using crypto.

    – Potential use of crypto for AI to operate transactions on a digital native system.

    – [28:32]( 🕵 Concerns about AI invasion affecting privacy in crypto transactions

    – Concerns on potential privacy threats with the combination of AI and crypto, especially in analyzing transparent ledgers.

    – Acknowledgement of the need to address privacy issues in future discussions.

    – [30:01]( 🌿 Exploration of crypto's role in environmental advocacy and conservation

    – Discussion on the potential of blockchain and crypto as tools in environmental advocacy and conservation.

    – Examples of innovations in crypto, such as creating transparent carbon credit markets and incentivizing recycling and renewable energy.

    – [32:55]( ☀ Discussions about the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining and its environmental impact

    – Acknowledgement of the criticism towards Bitcoin for its energy intensiveness, and the reconsideration of this perspective.

    – Mention of the declining estimates of Bitcoin mining's energy consumption and utilization of renewable energy in the mining process.

    – Discussion on the innovation efforts for efficient use of electricity generated by Bitcoin mining.

    – [35:54]( 🤝 Introduction to Stand with Crypto Alliance

    – Description of the origins of the Stand with Crypto Alliance, which began as a separate initiative within Coinbase.

    – Emphasis on the goal of the Alliance to represent the voices of creators, builders, and holders in the policy level.

    – [37:50]( 🙋 Launch and response towards the Stand with Crypto campaign

    – The launch of the Crypto 435 campaign, an initiative to have a crypto advocate in every congressional district in the U.S.

    – The transformation of the Stand with Crypto hashtag into the Stand with Crypto Alliance due to increasing interest and support from the public.

    – [41:14]( 📢 Activities of the Stand with Crypto Alliance

    – Overview of the accomplishments so far, including gaining over 100,000 sign-ups nationwide, minting over 16,000 NFT Stand with Crypto Shields, and conducting a successful activation in Columbus, Ohio.

    – Mention of the Stand with Crypto Day event, where over 50 founders and advocacy organizations will meet with members of Congress to express their concerns over the potential impact of crypto policies on their respective businesses.

    – [44:14]( 🏦 Stand with Crypto Alliance's Impressive Kick-off

    – Dynamic growth of Stand with Crypto Alliance following its creation.

    – A large number of founders who are eager to express their views to policymakers.

    – Initial actions available on the Stand with Crypto Alliance for public participation such as calling Congress members or minting NFTs.

    – [48:12]( 🛡 The NFT and Participation in Stand with Crypto Alliance

    – Description on how to mint an NFT shield to show support for the crypto community.

    – NFTs not only as a sign of support but also as a form of donation to the Stand with Crypto movement.

    – Gamification of the political process by rewarding actions, such as calling Congress, with NFTs.

    – [51:14]( 🌐 Long-term Aim of Stand with Crypto Alliance

    – Explanation of Stand with Crypto Alliance as an advocacy organization separate from Coinbase.

    – View on the Alliance's growth and integration with other events and communities across the country.

    – Speculation on the expansion of the Alliance's focus, including potential international outreach.

    – [56:16]( 🏛 FIT21 as the Immediate Focus

    – Discussion on the implications and shortcomings of FIT21 as a crypto policy.

    – Recognition of FIT21 as the immediate focus of Stand with Crypto Alliance, advocating for improvements.

    – Importance of engaging the crypto community and policymakers in the legislative process.

    – [01:01:40]( ⏭ Future Steps for Stand with Crypto Alliance

    – Anticipation of future steps and improvements for the Alliance after its initial events.

    – Interest in more detailed and nuanced perspectives regarding the legislation and regulations affecting the crypto community.

    – Suggestions for incorporating diverse aspects of what the crypto community stands for into the Alliance's messaging.

    – [01:03:09]( 🌟 The Collective Power of Stand With Crypto

    – Stand with Crypto Alliance's focus on the collective movement of the community.

    – The potential for individuals to express their reasons for standing with crypto.

    – Importance of creating a unified platform for the crypto community's voices.

    – [01:04:39]( 💼 Role of Individuals in Policy Making

    – Recognition of the critical role individuals play in the policy sphere.

    – Stand with Crypto Alliance's rapid growth and potential for further development.

    – The importance of building trust and making personal connections in policy work.

    – [01:06:10]( 🤝 The Importance of Partnerships

    – Potential partnerships between Stand with Crypto and other members of the crypto community.

    – A joint effort to move beyond idea generation to action.

    – Opportunities for Stand with Crypto to utilize and amplify pre-existing advocacy work.

    – [01:08:06]( 🙏 Conclusion: Optimism for Stand With Crypto

    – Anticipation for the future growth of Stand with Crypto movement.

    – An open invitation for further dialogue on the progress of Stand with Crypto.

    – A shared commitment toward developing effective policy for the crypto industry.

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