Child’s Play 2: A brand new set of eyes HD CLIP in 2023

laatste update: 09-2023

What’s happening in this movie clip?
Chucky (Brad Dourif) is chasing Andy and Kyle in a toy manufacturing industry where all the dolls are made. The evil doll kills the guard who was on duty. After that, Andy and Kyle manage to put Chucky in a machine that burns it. They’re relieved that the nightmare is finally over… Until Kyle is knocked unconscious by the dead body of the guard. Chucky is still alive.

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What’s the movie about?
Andy’s mother is admitted to a psychiatric hospital so he is placed in foster care. Chucky (Brad Dourif) is not far behind. His goal to possess Andy’s body is not over.

Credits: © 1990 Universal Pictures

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30 gedachten over “Child’s Play 2: A brand new set of eyes HD CLIP in 2023”

  1. 0:17 lol I love how he just accidentally pushed the button with his crotch

  2. i was learning english when i first watched a Chucky movie at 4 , can’t remember the exact one but i remember actually liking it and askin to watch more lmao

  3. Can we agree Child's Play 2 is the best installment in the series?

  4. I'm so glad that they make movies for retards to we can't leave nobody out of entertainment

  5. William afton when the robotic eyes were getting forced in by springlocks

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