Chia News Weekly – XCH Price, CW + Chia + – NFT Projects and EU shipping now!

laatste update: 12-2022

This week in #Chia we cover the latest XCH Price movements, Chia + Climate Warehouse get used by @Chainlink to validate CW data, launches a #dao #nft and me ranting on #ethereum’s pathway to “The Censorship Chain”

CW Crpto Infra –

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7 gedachten over “Chia News Weekly – XCH Price, CW + Chia + – NFT Projects and EU shipping now!”

  1. keep up the good work. do you know anything about Chinese brand ZhiTai SSD gonna hit USA market next year and all the ssd price gonna drop like 50%.

  2. MARA is a shitshow or a company. They can barely figure out how to plug in miners so I wouldn’t worry too much about them. They tried it, the market told them to piss off.

  3. Hey Jarod! I had a question regarding the future of the data layer (keep in mind I could be completely misunderstanding how it works here). In the future, it should allow users to host files/data, mint them on the blockchain like an NFT on Ethereum, then seed them into the network (and possibly pay others XCH to seed them as well) kind of like how BitTorrent worked in some sense. That being said, how do you foresee that structure scaling into the future? You mentioned media players becoming prevalent in the future, which I foresee as well. But what about illegal material, like seeding pirated movies/video games? Or hosting websites that contain illegal operations, kind of like the dark web?

    What I’m really getting at here is I’m curious to know how much control you think Chia Network (the company) intends to have over data that gets hosted and how strictly they may enforce it. Also, what do you think would be the best way for the company to go about enforcing something like that if it became an issue? Could the government come after the company and try to intervene if illegal activity of this nature was happening on the blockchain? If I completely misunderstand how data layer works here then please let me know too because I’m probably not the only person who interprets the future of the data layer in this way and could be extremely helpful to clarify how it actually works if this isn’t it.

    Thank you!

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