30 gedachten over “ChatGPT Makes Me Rich: My AI Trading Bot Story”

  1. I trade and this is BS. As if you leave a script to manage your wealth. And you don't trade cryptocurrency? The only thing you're doing is gambling. It has no positive expectation. Based upon markets. Or economics. You should be fined for this.

  2. Pēc šī video noskatīšanās es domāju par ieguldījumu forex/kriptovalūtā, bet joprojām nesaprotu, kā tas īsti darbojas. Vai kāds var man sniegt norādījumus par pareizo pieeju, lai ieguldītu un gūtu labu peļņu no ieguldījumiem kriptovalūtās?

  3. There is no tools out there that can makes you money is all your brain and your decision

  4. There are algo since internet , Donot fall for others algo as the same algo will be shared with everyone 😂😂

  5. Bots have all the right answers to all the wrong questions.

  6. I won a nice sum last week but I paid bills and took what was left over to the strip club then won a bit on college hoops yesterday didn't bother making videos. Did publish basketball and horse racing methods as I now primarily trade the SPY.

  7. Buy puts if the market is going down. Learn puts and calls smart guy

  8. I will forever appreciate this channel, you’ve helped me and my family a lot, your videos, advice and lessons are inspirational helpful to us,
    I now earn every week. You’re such a blessing to this generation, we all love you

  9. Liar. Cuz ChatGPT has alot to learn when it comes to pinescript v5.
    It corrects one mistake and then produces a new and then fix that new and again back to the initial mistake.
    Need some manual intervention.
    And it's not possible to get full fledged code because it's response didn't get printed fully on the browser text area.

  10. I asked chat GPT how to stop these dumb videos from appearing but alas no luck.

  11. How much money you placed for the trade? If AI is all ok bet all I got make a million in a week.

  12. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior, but “growing money is wisdom”. I found this out a week ago after getting a $10,000 return on my $3,000 investment in 7 days….

  13. This sounds so bogus. It may be a trading bot but circumstances change and you have to keep making adjustments. So why not just trade yourself

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