Cardano price predictions (top five 2021) #cardano

laatste update: 08-2022

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What does the rest of 2021 have in store for the price of Cardano? Here are five of the top predictions! What is your Cardano price prediction? Put it in the comments below:

00:00 – Cardano price predictions (top five 2021)
00:03 – Benjamin Cowen Cardano Prediction
01:12 – Ivan on Tech Cardano Prediction
01:46 – Coin Bureau Cardano Prediction
02:36 – Crypto Capital Venture Cardano Prediction
03:38 – Bitboy Cardano Prediction

Benjamin Cowen original Cardano video:
Ivan on Tech original Cardano video:
Coin Bureau original Cardano video:
Crypto Capital Venture original Cardano video:
Bitboy original Cardano video:

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27 gedachten over “Cardano price predictions (top five 2021) #cardano”

  1. Bro why do you have a fascination with scammers. 2/5 is shit odds. You might as well get the bitcon slash fund slash manager on and make it 50 50

  2. I like ADA, too, but why would anybody watch a pumper like Bitboy? Why not just back up the truck on ShillCoin? You two have such a different target audience. His predictions do nothing to enhance the credibility of the others, especially Cowen. Anyway, what is YOUR prediction? I thought your deal was Bitcoin, Silver and Cash. Why Cardano? Why Chainlink? Is your focus broadening?

  3. Lamest click bait video ever! You sell it as if there will be the top 5 price predictions, but there are only 2 price predictions. Lame!

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