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  1. The world as we know it has changed in so many aspects, take for instances currencies; the dollar is gradually losing interest with more and more people shifting from the use of paper currency to digital currencies which is the use of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin which is biggest of them all has been the main focus on the minds of the public. While many trade it, some hold it till they notice a spike in its price before putting it up for sale. I still don't see holding as a very lucrative strategy seeing that one has to wait for the price to go up before getting their profits. But take trading for instance, i trade daily and on a weekly basis i make up to 0.5btc. In a month that is 2btc, which you would not get in a while holding. Many traders ask how i make such amounts of bitcoin in just a month, the secret is just to search for a good and trustworthy trade expert to help you out and provide good signals for you to trade with. I have been trading under the assistance of Mr Jason Cole. He tries to deliver the best when it comes to trading and giving out accurate trade signals. I am putting this out to those who have been looking for a solution to trade and make profits. So please don't miss this opportunity. To get in contact with him simply send a text to him via his T-L-E-G-R-A-M @Cryptojason42 or rather his W-T-S-A-P-P **@+447862210422**. And once you've gotten your results please again, do tell others about it.

  2. Awesome content, new to Cardano, Cardano has risen above $1 I wonder how high it will go in the future

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