21 gedachten over “Cardano Foundation Chief of Growth Eva Oberholzer Exclusive”

  1. James, you always ask excellent questions. I love these videos, they have a professional feel. Great job.

  2. Great interview- I love the confirmation of failing as process!

  3. Good morning from Spain James.
    Eva Oberholzer is doing a great job. It is a great asset.

  4. Adds to the credibility that she studied all and is now with Cardano. Great info 👍

  5. She's hot but doesn't seem that enthusiastic about cardano or that knowledgeable

  6. I looked with pleasure, excellent issue, Eva Oberholzer 🔥

  7. chief Growth does not seemed to be that interested in numbers and growth…..wow! just comes across that way…just saying…

  8. Sorry but she don’t come off as a capable person. U want to avoid failure not have it part of the process. CF ALWAYS THE WEAKEST LINK. The truth is hard to hear

  9. Cheers guys, but why have you ripped off the BBC news intro riff??

  10. Great interview! Solid questions. I think Eva is on the right path considering she started recently! Would be excellent if you could maybe do a follow up interview later in 2021 to see what the CF got done compared to what she talked about here?!

  11. You will be ended it’s tax season and the mayor is coming to town you have been warned

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