Cardano Concurrency FUD: Here’s The Truth in 2023

laatste update: 02-2023

In this video we’ll look at the Cardano Concurrency FUD that has come up after smart contracts launched on the testnet. We’ll look at why this FUD has even come up and we’ll cover what’s actually the truth.

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16 gedachten over “Cardano Concurrency FUD: Here’s The Truth in 2023”

  1. The fud is only going to get worse not all dapps are going to have a smooth roll out just like on dot and eth new tech always has a few bugs. Unlike dot and eth there wasn’t a coordinated fud campaign as there has always been with cardano. This is because cardano hasn’t courted Silicon Valley and Wall Street insiders. Cardanos community is from the ground up like btc and the eth heads fear this because they no whats coming. It will take a few weeks for cardano smart contracts to eat into eths market share and eventually dominate the space between now and then though the fud will be off the charts.

  2. For someone who lives in the woods you always look very smart !

  3. Love your videos, thanks for being a voice of reason…its a bit nerve racking being new in this space.

  4. I’m so glad the only way to ensure my financial freedom is to pay you money.

  5. Night shot opening scene with no lights…hahahaha…Caroline is so funny with her non-challant approach 😀

  6. If any of you would like to delegate to a small pool operator, my Cardano Stake Pool (Prophet XPPX) has 126k delegated. I pledged 100k. 0%margin. Thanks in advance!

  7. As this is a Ghost Chain. Years of Peer review worthless. DApp failures.

  8. please practice reading abit more. it was a nightmare listening.

  9. I've been subscribed to you but I never received one subscription to watch or read

  10. Isn't it sarcastic that of all people, fanatics of the most ridiculously exorbitant fee-gobbler coin are the ones who spread most FUD around a technically vastly, vastly superior project? Incomprehensible! I, for one, don't even consider $ETH as part of My portfolio, because today I may have 10 $ETH, a few transactions later I'm guaranteed to have but half of that: all it is – is vastly glorified, ridiculously expensive benzine. That's all Ethereum is. $ETH2.0, if launched within a year or so, will be Ethereum's saving grace. That's what may help Ethereum maintain its position as the second largest market cap coin. A failure to do so in short order will have Cardano casually walk over its over-glorified competitor like a Lion after effortlessly despatching a bloodthirsty little hunter, whose gun happened to jam. I personally can't wait for $ETH to go to hell – if for nothing else, then for the many thousands it sucked off of My means on each transaction – big or small. Vitalik, anorexic bugger, get wrecked, please. Thank you.

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