CARDANO BREAKOUT!! Should I Sell Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy ADA?

Huge day for ADA as Cardano breakouts out of $1.50 resistance! In this video, we discuss important chart signals that ADA must show to remain in a clear uptrend. Plus how to analyse which crypto to sell to buy another crypto BEFORE a breakout!

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  1. New ATH for ADA before or after Smart Contracts are released? 🚀

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    Ticker: TIA
    Video Tutorial:

    ☆ Exclusive Investor Updates- TIA Lite (SAVE 33%! First 500 Only):

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  2. Hey Jason, The day i get rich with cripto, i'll move to australia. The day after that i'll start staking my ADA with you. Thank for al the work you're doing.

  3. I use swyftx charts (powered by trading view) but am never able to see the volume indicators that I always see on the videos. Any advice how to add them please? I use an iPad so that might be the issue, but going to indicators and clicking volume doesn’t make it visible. Thank you.

  4. Great work Jason love the updates and TA , trying to apply what I learn to the stock market more so than crypto as the principles apply . I had a small amount of ADA from 2018 and now am back this time around…..I intend to hold long term but what do you feel the coin value be post bull market, I had a red account for nearly 4 years after my first crypto adventure and do not what to be in that space again. Is there an opportunity to profit take not as the top and buy back in the bear season, will we get a 60% retracement from the 5/7 dollars top everyone if hoping for? So much fud out there. Thanks keep up the good work .Lived in Australia for a few years back in the day and still miss the weather 21 years later, plenty of rain here in ireland….no so much Sun.

  5. Thanks for discussing value against BTC. I used my Bitcoin to buy alts that are rising against BTC. If sats aren't being stacked, what's the point of taking on the risk?

  6. Charles does these ‘artificial pumps’ every 2-3 months then the price ‘goes back down’, people are 🧠 dead to realise this.

  7. I'm a pure investor so flew by my head that you could have made more money if you switched to ADA yesterday. I don't think of money just more coin. Too late now but I would have just said keep the BTC and ETH coins and literally BUY more ADA. However, I realise your goal is showing how trading for more BTC value is the main aim and that's hard to achieve but worthwhile. Still got the bottom mostly right 0.2 off.

    Personally, I was winning but now back to square one. started off with .25 BTC and got it to .29 simply by keeping the money in coins that were outpacing BTC. I lost it all back to .255. ADA is still outpacing BTC by a healthy margin since.

  8. Dr Ebhojie on YouTube channel I'm indeed grateful for your kind gesture and specially your natural herbal supplements beaten herpes

  9. do you recommend selling ADA now and buying into it later when there is a price correction for a future breakout? *similar to what happened earlier in the month, i.e. from Mid May – End of July this year

  10. What a nonsense. Please take out your sign Bitcoin from your desk. Your words are not matching with that sign.

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