1. It's funny how everybody says :"Oh please, don't invest in ada, it has already fallen 90 percent for one year '' like almost every other altcoin, not to mention that Terra or Solana have fallen so much, coins once been 'ahead' of ada

  2. I think you need speak like a person men not like a car running 💨 150mph…

  3. in the first place, you're not supposed to tell anybody to jump in to nothing as you consider yourself not being a financial advisor right and by the way, what's your new opinion over a year after…

  4. Bla blah blah blah blah blah..fud this fud that..gets your useless views…

  5. Lmao!!!! Man idk wtf you're talking about.. staking alone is bringing me 8percent sorry you got in at the top you should average down wile you can

  6. Ethereum was the first to market, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will always be the best. Cardano is a more modern platform with a more secure and sustainable architecture. While Ethereum has struggled with scalability and high transaction fees, Cardano's unique approach to proof-of-stake consensus allows for more efficient and affordable transactions. Additionally, Cardano has a strong focus on research and academic rigor, which could lead to further innovations in the blockchain space. So while Ethereum has the advantage of being first, Cardano has the potential to surpass it in the future

  7. I wish shorts had upload dates, such bullshit that it doesn’t

  8. You just have to watch him when he talks about the statistics at the end. He lies.

  9. Ada is probably the only project that I will continue to purchase under a dollar and feel like I am getting it at a great price!😊

  10. Buddy you literally have no idea what ada is. And you probably shouldnt be giving advice. This is terrible advice.

  11. I have been buying and holding ada for 3 years and never once have i felt worried about cardano, such a solid community. do not waste your time with youtube experts!! 99.999% of them have done 0 research and the crap they claim to know about!

  12. Coulda swore I just watched a video of you saying ADA is gonna go up to $6-$7…. 🤔

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