Cardano ADA to $7 in 2021. Cardano Price Analysis and Update

laatste update: 05-2023

In this Cardano ADA video, I give a price prediction of where Cardano will be going in 2021. I also analyze the price of Cardano in the short and medium-term. We take a look at ADA / ETH and ADA / BTC along with ADA / USD. I also discuss why Cardano’s community is the #1 community in the crypto space. Cardano has a long way to go in 2021 and I am very excited to see where we go!


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This video is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This video is for educational purposes only. Do your own research before investing in anything.


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  1. My bitcoin Investment has blown my financial status away, against all odds I have been earning massive profits especially during these economic crisis.

  2. One of the honest review I've seen for Cardano ADA wish you best of luck for the future of your channel… ♥️🌹

  3. I think $ADA going $1.5. After ATH it will going in correction mode.

  4. Believe in the project behind Cardano. The price and profits would follow

  5. Hi, nice video, thanks!
    Underrated channel, I give you a like!
    What do you think about STMX? I think its a good investment because of the low price…

  6. Guys am I mad? I don't think I have an exit strategy, I just feel like I want to hold ADA indefinitely… Am I too naive? Am I missing something here?

  7. it will be listed on Coin base within 2 weeks time. Sell now you will regret later.

  8. Do you think we'll have a correction with cardano before the end of the month by around 10-15% ?

  9. nothin is happenin mah cardano stuck since 2 days mah keep smokin what u smoke mah and send me sum too cause u be trippin mah bitch be trippin al the time mah


    Solo i sostenitori del totalitarismo nella scienza, superando l'attuale difficile situazione economica, sono bloccati nel quadro dei propri limiti razionali. Ma i prototipi interattivi, che rappresentano un ottimo esempio di cultura politica di tipo europeo continentale, saranno sottoposti a tutta una serie di studi indipendenti.💋

    Conclusoes banais, mas irrefutaveis, assim como muitas personalidades famosas, iluminam caracteristicas extremamente interessantes do quadro como um todo, mas conclusoes especificas, e claro, sao combinadas em grupos inteiros de sua propria especie. E tambem os estados independentes podem ser considerados exclusivamente no contexto dos pre-requisitos de marketing e financeiros.

  11. Totally agreed. Also the CEO aid just amazing!

  12. I got in at 96 cents. If it goes back up I'll sell and get back in on the pull back. I assumed the rejection would be closer to the previous high $1.33, but I have no analysis skills. Just a basic guess.

  13. I now own more cardano that bitcoin and eth combined .
    If it hits 4-5 dollars I'm gonna buy my mum a house

  14. Overbought… underbought … I don't care ill leave it alone until i see at least $3 to $5..

  15. I disagree, with goegan launch in March and ridiculous etheruem fees , it ain't gaining on ada

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  17. Why Cardano is nothing but a massive retail pump base on no fundamentals:

    Cardano doesn't scale/will never scale to a level suitable for world markets (no, a fantasy whitepaper called "hydra" isn't scaling);

    Cardano isn't interoperable/will never be interoperable at the rate Charles is progressing;

    Cardano isn't a 3rd generation platform based on the 2 criteria above, the only one calling Cardano 3rd generation is Hoskinson himself;

    Cardano isn't working with regulators at all;

    Cardano has zero interest from enterprise clients;

    Cardano has a tiny development team of 40, half of which are working on Ethereum Classic, this was out of the mouth of Hoskinson himself;

    Hoskinson has been accused by professional developers of constantly citing the use of Haskell only to pump the price of ADA;

    Cardano claims to be an advanced platform but the coding isn't much different than any other smart contract platform;

    Not a single ADA holder knows who hired Hoskinson to take on the development of Cardano, he was paid in ADA, look it up if you doubt it;

    Hoskinson has been booted out or walked away from no less than 6 crypto projects, not because he's the next Steve Jobs, but because nobody could stand working with him;

    Hoskinson gets far too much credit for being an "Ethereum founder", the truth is he was booted out by all the other founders long before any coding was done. Hoskinson will tell you none of the other founders are still with Ethereum. The difference is they all left on their own accord, and many are working on projects directly tied to Ethereum.

    The bottom line is Hoskinson didn't create Cardano and he doesn't care about it. When he "hands it off" Cardano is finished. Nobody is working on a glorified whitepaper project for free. If XRP is a security, ADA is 100 percent a security.

  18. Cardano now has actual loyal group following it it. Thats enough for it to stay strong forever

  19. buy and holding strong ada cardano. we will be rich!!! ada cardano is the best project and go to the mars !

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