Cardano ADA Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update and Price Now! Daily Update!

laatste update: 10-2023

Cardano ADA Price News Today – Price Update, Technical Analysis Update Now! In this video I talk about a technical analysis of the Cardano ADA and Bitcoin prices and I talk about some important price moves that are happening right now! Cardano Price Prediction!

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Financial Disclaimer:
I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make. Ideas presented in this video are my opinions at the date of filming and may have changed in the future.

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  1. I still have high hopes in Cardano.. I'll keep on accumulating until thy kingdom come..

  2. support comment for the algorithm! appreciate Cardano TA and info

  3. Elliott impulse wave on weekly still on track for $10+ beginning of December (on log chart). Thoughts?

  4. Filled more in my bag ADA . Algorand gut feeling said to risky buy green candle
    Also took some profit in tops to buy mining rig for ergo = pasive income and source for DCA ADA

  5. What if Charles Hoskinson work is not what its cracked up to be I'll set my stop losses for protection.

  6. Hopefully, you won't mind another perspective on selling at a loss. In the U.S. selling at a profit can be damaging, especially if your holding period has been less than one year, and even worse, if you also live in a high tax state, e.g., New York, California or Minnesota. It's always better to sell at a loss, because losses don't incur a tax liability, and they can be used to offset future gains. For me, the scarce resource is always my funds, as the cryptos I can buy with the money are effectively unlimited. Occasionally, I will want to reposition a portion of my portfolio into one crypto vs. another, and if the sell side creates a loss, it's more advantageous than if it creates a gain (tax liability).

  7. Is there an easy stratdy to taking profits? What percent of profits on average would be wise to take? I was sleeping during the ADA pull back, can't buy the dip til tomorrow

  8. Cheers for the tip on ALGO which in no means was investment advice and neither was COTI. That being said I've only been involved in Crypto since June this year and my biggest holding is in ADA, I do appreciate the multiple videos you do covering ADA each day. I suppose I'm a bit naive, I thought this whole Crypto Thing was to distance itself from the way investment banks, hedge funds and the like do business, leverage buying and all the stuff but it seems this latest Crypto Crash was the result of these same characters manipulating and leveraging this Crypto Market? While trying to learn this stuff I hear the word "Protocols" which I took it to mean that these Crypto Communities make their own rules and regulations? I'm kind of thick but I'm just a bit disappointed that just like the big banks there are the same characters that control/manipulate the Crypto Markets which I would have thought the folks writing these Protocols wouldn't allow to happen.

  9. You supposed to do technical analysis 🧐! What we see in your video is your strategy about your Profolio !! This is Not analysis!! I personally don’t care about your crypto profile! The reason I subscribed your videos is having clear prospective of crypto market, NOT your plan and decision about your Profolio!!

  10. I hope it stays like this until Friday atleast so I have money to buy more dips lol

  11. Great work as usual! Your analysis is always well thought out and honest.

    A healthy market will always have occasional pull- backs. I think this overall cryptocurrency drop was strategic on the part of the powers that be. They are attempting to scare people away from Cryptocurrencies and instead want to pump their worthless fiat currencies. They know their fiat Ponzi Scheme is crumbling and are propagandizing that their reset digital dollar will be better and more stable than crypto. All they are peddling is bringing out a new Centralized Currency run by the same puppeteers that have created the mess that the world is in today. It long past time for a People’s Currency that is free of centralized corruption and manipulation. But more Cryptocurrencies and put a stake in the heart of the Central Bankster Monster which will bring peace, tranquility, cooperation and equitable throughout the world!

  12. Why own something that can easily drop 30% of its total value in a matter of 30 minutes?

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