Cardano ADA May Hit .17 Cents…

laatste update: 05-2023

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The Cardano Voltaire Era means full decentralization, to empower the people to make all decisions moving forward.
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30 gedachten over “Cardano ADA May Hit .17 Cents…”

  1. I don't see 17 cents. I think we've bottomed on Crypto as a whole. But I could definitely see us pulling back down to 25 cents again. I think the Market is just tired of losing and the bull run will come a tad early this time around.

  2. I'd like to see you dive deep into all these major insurance companies and how they're invested in the same bonds as the banks.

  3. It is time for A.I. coins. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ hang on. cspr is cool too.

  4. The Fed is about to print tons of money in a week or 2. that is going to "pump" the market, not dump. sorry

  5. Cardano does not move on its own (yet) as it is closely correlated to BTC. That means TA on Ada is worthless .. what you need to do is TA BTC.

  6. When are you TA guys going to realize that ADA follows Bitcoin and that's because the exchanges base their liquidity on Bitcoin – not a stable coin or currency. Put a Bitcoin chart on top of an ADA chart and you see that the patterns line up.

  7. You said months ago, Ada to go to 18 cents.Never happened.

    Now you say 17 cents… Never.

  8. If one is to make videos on moon math…one should also make a video on the bear scenario. Yet again Crow is a, "giant", voice of reason in a crypto space rife with pumpers and scammers. I wish only health and happiness to you and yours. Thanks.

  9. Love you Crow. But crypto has enough tribalism, we don't need 2 projects hating on each other Live on-air. I think it would be better if you interview CEO of a project you deemed to have great interest and potential (shark tank style), then run a poll so the audience can get involve. It would be more interesting imo. Cryptos space need more unity and less infighting.

  10. You just posted a video 8 days ago about how Cardano could see $20 and today talking about it crashing to.17. How does anyone take you seriously?

  11. Agreed. If you have cash on the side, keep averaging down. And I like the idea of competing CEO's.
    And for a live show……………. You done good.๐Ÿ‘

  12. Sell then if u think it will hit 17 cents lol. All TA in crypto are BS

  13. Crow usually agree – but youโ€™re looking at one point in time to compare to another. But I can say this – it will or it wonโ€™t.

  14. The correlation between Bitcoin's price rally and the latest inflation data, along with banking sector instability, is quite fascinating. It's interesting to see how the growing appeal of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as an alternative asset during times of eroding confidence in traditional banking, has attracted retail investors. The permissionless and autonomous nature of cryptocurrencies offers a sense of safety and value in the ever-evolving world of finance. This context further highlights the significance of Kerrie Farrellโ€™s excellent trading strategy, which has enabled me to amass 32 btc in just three weeks. In the field of cryptocurrency trading, Kerrie has proven to be a true visionary..

  15. Thanks Crow.
    It's hard to tell with ADA. Sure, we can go that low or lower. It is crypto after all.

  16. This is not even accurate. 2019 march low was due to a black swan event caused by Covid lockdowns. Equities all tumbled on the same day. Lol

  17. Have had my eyes on 20 cents to get back in . If it happens I will and if not Iโ€™m good staying out .

  18. Blockchain battles is an awesome idea. My only hope is that they could keep their criticism to the protocols and not make it personal. Anyway, thanks for the update brother, Shalom

  19. "Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them." –Motivation

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