Cardano ADA & Bitcoin Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update and Price Now! Price Prediction! in 2022

laatste update: 10-2022

Cardano ADA & Bitcoin Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update and Price Now! Bitcoin Breakout and Technical Analysis Today! Price Prediction! Cardano Elliott Wave Analysis! In this video I talk about a technical analysis of the Cardano ADA and Bitcoin prices and I talk about some important price moves that are happening right now! Cardano Price Prediction! I also talk about Elliott Waves and give a Bitcoin BTC price prediction. In this video I also talk about the Bitcoin and Altcoin crash!

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I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make. Ideas presented in this video are my opinions at the date of filming and may have changed in the future.

30 gedachten over “Cardano ADA & Bitcoin Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update and Price Now! Price Prediction! in 2022”

  1. The fractal chart is the most interesting thing I’ve seen in a very long time! Lucky my stable coins are earning interest… Thank you. Shared it with your name on Telegram.

  2. I like how you call going up to higher prices a “risk”. That’s one risk I’m willing to take.

  3. Great new Info you brought up! You try every ta options/tool there is! Just great! Thanks you very much!

  4. If Cardano holds the 90 cents support could it regain ground with the BTC wave 4 and on wave 5 it hit that 90 cents support again?

  5. That's a really unique and well calculated analysis! This work is exactly what makes you my favourite crypto analyst! Thank you again 👍💪👍

  6. very interesting comparison with the past. Thank you very much for that!

  7. Hm, if follow your idea with the btc fractals … Doesn't this mean, we might be in the downward leg of / to the bear-market? 🤔

  8. I admire the efforts you put in the your video mate , Bitcoin is going to be the most important technology for financial inclusion of the global poor and unbanked and mining provides security to make this possible. Investors and traders find it difficult to decide how best to utilise the current market, holding is profitable but trading is far more profitable. We need a trader with the correct technique and indicators to enable us earn big regardless of the market {bulls or bears} . I didn't think it was possible to make steady profits from trading till I came across Jeremiah. J. Kennedy . His program for investors & beginners who need understanding on how trading works, I have made more than 12 BTC with his trade signals and daily copy trading. He stands apart with experienced skill in the Crypto sphere. Mr JEREMIAH can be reach at , ͲeIєɠɾαm Jkennedysignal👉🏻Whatpp +447418397257..

  9. when is an update on vechain come. thx for all the help man

  10. Hi Ben, many thanks for your efforts and constant updates with the technical tips. Cheers

  11. Watching your channel (religiously) for few weeks now and I have basically stopped to watch other crypto youtubers (so fed up with "moonboy" mentality and their slogans). Your TA is so accurate, really impressive. Also I do appreciate that you leave emotions out of your videos- this is how real TA should look like👍

  12. Do you think adoption by massive corporations ang governments could negate the down trend in the next few months like in previous years.

  13. This is just another example of a brilliant analysis. Markets rhyme, and this analysis clearly shows ist. Also, the general projection made months ago is also in line with what has happened so far. For Bitcoin, Ada and many other crypto currencies covered on this channel. That is why I am most thankful for this channel and happy to be a member of the community.

  14. Thanks again for another great video man! My girlfriend was watching with me in bed this morning she was very impressed when you showed the similarities in btc price movements to 2013 & 2017. Thanks again as always.

  15. Keep up the good work fam, never change and keep the vids rolling out

  16. Good heads up to have "accumulate and learn" mindset. Prepare for enjoying any upside swings but don't count on it. Timing coincides with the onboarding of institutions into the market it seems. Think like a whale, act like a whale?

  17. die aussichten werden nicht besser. glaubte ich anfangs noch an ein verschenktes quartal 1, sieht es mehr und mehr nach einem verschenkten halbjahr 1/2022 aus. dann bleib ich halt auf meinem fiat-geld sitzen denn ich werde bestimmt keine fallenden messer greifen oder gutes geld dem schlechten hinterherwerfen. das ganze sieht für mich stark nach einer schönen rezession aus: jeder rechnet mit weiter sinkenden preisen und hält sich zurück mit kaufen.

  18. It's like being in a serious car crash and somebody slowing down time and explaining the situation point by point and how you'll ultimately be OK. WAGMI

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