laatste update: 07-2022

Cardano (ADA) is doing wonderful as it broke $2.50 today. When could we see $5? What are possible price targets for the end of the run? Let’s take a look!

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  1. Thanks for this update! Can you do the same for solana? I wonder which you think will outperform the other. Ada vs Sol (maybe dot too but it seems weaker at this point).

  2. Hello, ADA doing wonderfully! Ergo will follow and with a much lower market cap, who knows how high Ergo will go ⬆️😎

  3. vrolijke noot in de crypto! in 1 dag 46% met seedify fund…. misschien moet je daar eens induiken. Ook met komende IDO's 🙂

  4. Had ADA since the beginning took my profit today at the 2nd run up. Thanks for the great content again, succes👌👍

  5. Am just so excited about the prospects of ADA and super glad I am still holding my bag. More interesting is the fact that I have been earning up to 5% APY on the Atomic Wallet app. ADA is primed to do amazing things in the near future.

  6. $20 cardano puts it at roughly $650 billion market cap. For reference, that’s almost 2x where Ethereum is currently. Maybe I’m missing something but that just seems hard for me to believe. Thoughts?

  7. So everyone is promoting ada, price goes up, and rich people take there trades at highest peaks..than the price drops and they call it an correction…me as small trader loosing😅

  8. Crypto is due for a major crash at some point. We can determine this because garbage like ADA is now an 80 billion dollar bubble with no adoption, no chance of adoption, not a single dapp running on it, no interest from the business world. There's no way a stack of peer reviewed papers from a con man like Charles Hoskinson should have this insane marketcap, especially considering he has openly lied about deals/adoption in Africa.

  9. Be careful of the 'price hype' stated in this video. For ADA prices to go this high requires A LOT OF BUYERS and limited sellers. Who is going to move from Ethereum into ADA? Not going to happen with so much in staking.

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