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EARLY OPPORTUNITY!!! First Web4 infrastructure for a decentralized internet, Grape!!!

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29 gedachten over “CARDANO ADA – $15!!! HOW DO WE GET THERE?”

  1. Not for 20 year’s minimum, pls don’t sell dreams to inexperienced investors

  2. Aaron dog if you see Ada CARDANO potential to 15 dollars. I'm all in bud. You have the tools to do all the research. You are intelligent. I know technologies are exploding in the end times. I believe personally Donald j trump is our last president. Before Christ return. That's deep. Lol 🤣. Keep absolutely destroying it my friend 👍 Ada CARDANO, quant hedera hbar will absolutely slaughter this bull run 👍

  3. I like your channel but you have got to stay away from posting videos of that type of price action. You should be teaching people to DCA in and DCA out. Expect a 5$ ada at best and have 80% sold by that price, if it goes higher great if not hold for next cycle

  4. Great point on the potential 5% market dominance of Cardano in the coming bull market. Keep in mind that previous performance was WITHOUT Staking or Dapps. I think Cardano can and will give us not less than 30x from where we are today. Certainly 50x with a lot fomo.

    And btw.. I recommend you take another look at the Celsius supposed "selloff" of ADA. PLEASE: Realize what has happened since the Celsius news.. ADA has increased in price, staking percentage is up, pledging is up in many pools, and TVL is exploiting. Look at the data just like you did today with ada market dominance.. it's not complicated.

  5. Very very unlikely but i welcome the thought. Ill be a millionaire if youre right

  6. I’m a massive cardano fan, and hold a fair bit, but come next bull run what is peoples real thoughts on price? Cheers

  7. I trippled my bag since 2021 n keep staking n dca. Ill be happy with the previous ath. 15 dollar maybe 2030. Start with previous ath we will see from there. All the rest is pure speculation just dont

  8. Guys, be very careful this time, specially those who are holding their bags from last bullrun. Predictions like these absolutely hold no grounds. I will start selling at 2.5 and we all have plenty of times to 4x your Ada bags till it reaches there.

  9. I would settle for $12.96. But $15 is a very nice rounded number.

  10. All these bozos just looking at a chart and making predictions. How about you talk about the project and partnerships, technology etc. not just blue and red bars on a graph.

  11. Hey bud longer videos are just going to happen my friend 👍. As we close in on the bull run there will be sooooooo much more to talk about. Have a good night my friend 👍

  12. It makes all the sense. #Cardano is getting huge adoption and many new projects due to major technological improvements. I don't know about 15$, but I believe at least in 9$ ADA
    Very bullish on #Cardano $ADA for this cycle 🚀🚀🚀

  13. Better off talking more about fundamentals instead of technical analysis
    15$ is a reach

  14. ADA will be 15$ in 2025/2026 maybe higher then 15$

  15. BTC does NOT move according to the halving! It's moving with the stock market.

  16. You are delusional. You realize how much the total market cap need to be for ada to be 15?

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