Cardano 100k #Spacecoins Live Stream

laatste update: 12-2022

Spacecoins are NativeAsset tokens on the #Cardano blockchain. They require Rocket Fuel (ada to land in your wallet).

To get spacecoins during this livestream.

1.) Copy/Paste a cardano receiving address in the chat.
2.) Mission control will attempt to airdrop you spacecoins + 2 ada.
3.) Refuel the rocket for other #Cardano Astronauts by sending 2.2 ada to this address:
4.) Play nice. Don’t spam the chat to try and get additional spacecoins. Give everyone a chance. Spacecoins only utility is education, so don’t be greedy.

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  4. Thanks for the shoutout Andrew! If you have left over rocketfuel, happy to turn that into a donation for Save the Children

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