Can You Beat Gravity Rush Without Using Gravity Shifts? in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

Is it possible to beat Gravity Rush without using gravity shifts (double tapping R1 or button combination with the same effect) or chaining gravity kicks which would provides the same level of aerial freedom? Is it possible to push Kat’s other gravity powers to their limits and bridge every gap and scale every height that you encounter throughout the 21 chapters of the game? Without the abillity to “fly”, all that is left is to suspend gravity with the stasis field or stick to walls with the gravity slide which can only done in specific cases when the enviroment allows you. Or could it be that Kat has some non-shifting abillities that make this challenge possible that you might not even be aware of?

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  1. Update: It turns out the final phase of the final boss is in fact possible as shown by this streamer here:

    It’s a shame that this video will likely not even get over 100 views (well 2 years later it has over 1800 so that's more than I expected), and it’s pretty insane on my part to spend such an extreme amount of time on a video that perhaps a handful of people end up watching from beginning to end, but regardless this is definitely one of my favorite projects so far, simply because of its uniqueness and the creativity it took to find ways of making it through under these restrictions. And for those wondering: yes, I more often than not made it way harder on myself than necessary. For example, most obstacles can be overcome by simply abusing the spiralling claw. But given that this challenge wasn’t based on difficulty but on creativity, it wasn’t about taking the easy way out. Even if there was an obvious solution, I tried to find more interesting alternatives. Moreover, since I had to improvise my way through this playthrough I didn’t have the benefit of hindsight. So yes, lots of frustration in this video was self-inflicted and based on me being stubborn. But I really like how it all turned out. So for the few people who end up actually watching the entire thing. I hope you enjoy this unique take upon an almost forgotten game.

  2. Can't say I knew what to expect you do next, but I expected the spanish inquisition before this. And over 3 hours? Better get the popcorn ready 🙂

  3. Well, just subscribed cuz I was interested on nier automata and was likely to support, kinda got me more in this challenge.
    Respect to u ma'boi.

  4. Oh yes 😀 I love this game. And without shifting? Wow that sounds impossible. I'm really curious to see how you'll make it through this. Oh and pleeeeease let there be a gravity rush 3 in the future.

  5. I feel like I've found something so legendary that I can't even describe it. You might not even have 300 views but you're already a legend, man. Huge props. 💖💖

  6. Ok so I want to do this to gr2, are you working on that or no?

  7. Absolutely insane that you even made it that far. Kudos to you, this was a very entertaining watch and I'm glad that I found your channel.

  8. this video should get more attention you did a great job with it

  9. That Alias fight was so painful to watch, I can't imagine how much more painful it must have been to play!

  10. I recently discovered your channel through your Dark Souls challenge runs. I love your content but this is the video that truly earned my subscription. You are man of incredible patience. I don't understand why you subject yourself to this but I appreciate watching you do it. A truly incredible run with an insane restriction. Well done.

  11. During the second fight with Raven I thought you would accidentally clip out of the pillar. Not that it’d be a bad thing anyway…

  12. Try the sequel! Jk that would most definitely be impossible lol

  13. Searched up this exact thing hoping to see the one youtuber that usually does this. Though im not disappointed in the slightest. Great video wish it was more popular

  14. it is possible to beat the final boss without gravity shifting, i did it today

  15. bruh you're insane, the amount of effort you put into this deserved more views.

  16. You made a few sections a lot harder on yourself than they needed to be, while also not minimizing things like health upgrades. Like in the lava area, you quickly figure out you can stasis roll + hop to minimize time spent in contact with the lava until your next stasis roll, and then decide to go back to the skating method and rely on the health upgrades for a heal more than you needed to. I get that the stasis rolling is slow and disorienting, especially in the lava zone, but you also do things like slam your head into a wall a million times trying to get the angle of a skate jump right in other spots (like the school section) only to give up and stasis roll anyways so I'm not sure time investment is a valid consideration :V

  17. Stasis Roll is gravity shift. You press a different button but it has the same effect.

  18. Found your channel in 2016 man, and slowly, patiently viewing all of your videos, one at time, savoring them. And, not skipping a single minute of it… Your video keep me company many times, and I loved 'em.

  19. I get a kick out of the naming n this game, your character is named Kat and she has a gravity shifting cat, and your rival of sorts is named Raven and she has a gravity shifting…. raven. Top creativity on the naming.

  20. Wish the algorithm would show your non ds. Ideas some love!

  21. I didn’t expect to see you when looking up “Can you beat Gravity Rush challenge run” A nice surprise.

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