Can a NOOB tell the difference between a 144Hz and a 60Hz PC gaming monitor? in 2023

laatste update: 06-2023

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I recently got my hands on the first high refresh rate monitor I have ever used and it got me thinking “Can a noob tell the difference between a 144Hz and 60Hz PC gaming”

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To answer this question I enlisted Anna (PC gaming noob who is also a girl) so that we could do some tests.

If you are interested in the CPU cooler in this video, check it out here:

If you are impressed with the results you can buy a high refresh rate monitor here (Amazon Affiliate):

Acer VG271P (Monitor we used):
I would also recommend a VESA mount for this monitor (A better stand):
If you have a bigger budget for a 1440P High refresh rate monitor:
Some High refresh rate Ultrawide action:
G-sync alternative for you guys with an Nvidia GPU:
RTX 2060 in this video:
f you get a 1440P high refresh rate get this graphics card:
Or if you are a complete baller:

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  1. You can definitely go back to 60hz, it just takes some time. I had to downgrade a year ago and i'm happy with 60hz now.

  2. I mean, the human eye can't see above 1 FPS, so that's 143 more than I could ever see, unless you're superman or something.

  3. it doesnt really mater in life whether u use 144 or 60. really.

  4. I honestly don’t care about framerates higher than 60 fps in games. On desktop though I prefer 180 mhz, because you definitely see the stutter when you move the mouse. It is driving me nuts.

  5. But what is the point?
    If human eye can see only 30 fps (i would argue it's higher than that but ok),what is the point of having 144 Hz screen if you need that only if you can hit 144 fps? When you can't see the difference between 60 and 144?

  6. if you only play with 60 hz for a bit it doesnt feel like much but if youre stuck on 60 for like a year or 2 144 hz feels so smooth

  7. I asked my cousin why he was playing at 60Hz on his 144Hz monitor. He replied: "There is no difference!" I don't have much contact with him these days.

  8. i think the most important think about fps is what game are y playing. if the games such as horror games like Resident evil is ok 60fps and above. or other games like mystery games such as tomp raider or metro or far cry or andenture games like red 2 . specialy if u play on 4k monitor 60 -80 fps are the best. only the competive games or games whice has many moves and running are must have 144 like COD

  9. Monitor has a "refreshing rate" which is given in Hz and the source (pc, xbox, etc.) can send pictures, which given in fps or frame per seconds. So you were changing between 60Hz and 144Hz, not fps. Thanks anyway for the comparison.

  10. Okay, but considering most people have to work with a certain setup, should we aim for higher ress or more fps OR better looking game? Thats the real question. So the dilemma is between going up in resolution (full hd to 1440p or 1440p to 4k), going up in refresh rate (60/75hz to 144hz+) or going up in settings (mid to ultra lets say)

  11. If my little sister can tell the difference, I'm sure your wife can too :p

  12. ppl say that there is no difference between 240hz and 144hz but when i switched from 144hz to 240hz i did not notice a difference but in games like CS:GO the difference was MASSIVE it was so
    s m o o t h

  13. I am only into platformers not shooters, would more than 60hz monitor be worth it?

  14. You had a women as a teaser for this video. kinda sexist to only lure people based on gender… IS this a patriarchy channel?


  15. Hello… I'm not a gamer but I wanna buy a laptop for the sole purpose of editing, as such colours are extremely important to me… Ques. Is there any correlation between hz and sRGB… Ideally, I want a laptop with 100% sRGB… So is there any difference with the 100% sRGB at 60 hz 120 hz or 144 hz… help me out here, not sure if I'm asking the question correctly 🤔 thanks

  16. I mean someone who actually knows how to actually test responsivity would notice instantly just by wiggling the mouse around for a few seconds.

  17. We have perfect solution – 75 Hz mainstream LCD with stable FPS.

  18. I wanted to buy a bigger monitor with good dpi. But even at 144Hz, the size will eat up FPS. After thinking everything over, after listening to how large or fast monitors are praised, it became obvious that you need to take a fast and a small one.
    Even if you have money for a big one, it's better to upgrade your graphics card to give even better results on a 1080p monitor.

  19. i think the motion blur made it hard to know the difference of smoothness

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