Buy any crypto with a debit or credit card on Uphold

laatste update: 03-2023

The Uphold app makes it super simple to buy any supported crypto using your debit or credit card with 0% deposit fees (versus the industry-standard 3.99%). Learn more about the Uphold app:

Uphold is the world’s easiest and most cost-effective trading platform, enabling 2MM users around the world to buy, send & exchange crypto, national currencies, stablecoins & metals – #AnythingtoAnything all from one simple interface.

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30 gedachten over “Buy any crypto with a debit or credit card on Uphold”

  1. Lol except it takes forever for your card to get verified… been waiting 3 days to buy something but can’t because my card is still being verified

  2. I just bought from my debit card , it said it will take several days?

  3. Lol somehow I just lost 65 bucks transferring xrp from coinbase to uphold…..don't know why but I did

  4. Thank You so very much!! Right to the point while other vids are 15 minutes long geez!!

  5. I cannot register because I am not yet 18 years old but I already have a KTP so what is the solution so I can register

  6. I dont get a credit/debit card option only link a bank account

  7. Hey! You nowhere tell us how to REMOVE a card that doesn't work! What's wrong with you? If we have the limit of 3 cards, there is no way to remove one that won't work, so that we can add a card that will work. Seriously, no one thought of that scenario? Unbelievable.

  8. Hello I just started this and its completely new to me and I did everything it asked when I signed up on it for my imvu vcoin if you have Instagram add @dblackicelynnchurch to talk to me about it thanks

  9. La aplicación está en 2 idiomas (español e inglés) pero los tutoriales de la aplicación y los correos q llegan a mi email están en inglés!
    Indican por favor donde encontrar cómo comprender para saber más sobre la aplicación?

  10. May i know whats the maximum amount of btc or stablecoins i can buy. I have raised a ticket and uet to recive d response. I get an error mesage wnever i try to buy above usd 500

  11. I can not this option on my app, only see bank deposit and Cryptocurrency why?

  12. Uphold does not support enough variety of coins for my taste.

  13. Will I be able to connect my card? it's an Indian bank based card.

  14. When i can buy crypto of russian rubl?

  15. please dont banned Indonesian , I cant WD my bat token.

  16. Thank you for being such a wonderful host and giving me such a lovely experience. RICCHDAWG as been very good with his Bank logs and clone digital cards, such a nice guys

  17. Your outstanding performance helped my work grow. Thank you once again Ricchdawg for the cloned card you delivered to me yesterday

  18. I’m humble 👆👆and appreciate for all you’ve done for me and my fam bruh, you deserve the best…you’re such a trustworthy and dependable dude I ever deal with, can’t stop recommending you and your legit ccs 💳with high balance.Hit the name pointed at✅ he’s the best ever

  19. The bank does not automatically give money back but Ricchdawg does. it's from a checking account he forwarded my funds into after we get paid together

  20. Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation. If not I wouldn’t have met Ricchdawg who helps me out with is credit card info for my linkable accounts 💡💡💴💴

  21. Uphold owes me $411 for a transaction I made using their Uphold Master Card. The transaction was cancelled and they never credited my account.

  22. USAA bank declines my transactions whenever I try to buy crypto . They don’t want YOU to own crypto because that threatens their livelihood !!
    Become your OWN BANK and buy Cryptocurrency !
    🚀 🌝

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