30 gedachten over “Build Tiny11 Yourself in 2023”

  1. Does it work with multiple languages and the ability to use Xbox gamepass? As well as vr and store?

  2. Not that I have a ram problem but getting rid of the bs bloatware ty

  3. I don't like it, as a office user it doesn't even install drivers correctly, I have tried install my printer driver, and it doesn't work 😢

  4. btw what happened to their one of the main selling points? android apps on desktop

  5. highly interested!
    still using Win7 because of all the crap on 10 and 11.

  6. So tiny 11 is basically a open source copy of a close source os

  7. This sounds like the perfect os for running on an old android phone.

  8. Damn you can install win11 on a raspberry pie but not on my ryzen 5 1600 build?

  9. Am I able to install this without worrying about losing my files?

  10. Is this worth getting for a top of the line pc? Talki g like 36 gigs of ram, 4090, and a ryzen 7?

  11. It’s still not the best for gaming because there is some issue with things as well. It’s such as we’re trying to play some Minecraft it will not allow you to actually download the Xbox app or the Xbox account without having an installed on Microsoft account.

  12. "Strips everything unnecessary"
    Cool now i just have the post
    pc already runs smoother 👍

  13. I still don’t think I would use it with machine directly connected to internet, but seems as great choice for a box in a fenced lan, if you rely on Windows

  14. As long as i'm able to play games i even trust a granny with a candy in a black van

  15. Nice idea, but nope. If I had to use Windows (I don't), I'd use something like the debloat scripts from Chris Titus Tech (I have). The full source is on Github so you can inspect the code.

    In my setup, I run Linux Mint as the host OS and install Windows 10 in a Virtualbox guest VM. After I get it the way I want it, I take a snapshot (I actually make serial snapshots as I go through the process of getting it configured). Now, after each run, I roll back to the most recent snapshot. Got infected? Rollback. Simple! Of course you could also do this with Tiny11, but the thing is opaque. I can't assess what changes were made to the base Windows OS to arrive at the finished result.

  16. Can't wait to use it and then have every game I launch have issues that is strictly related to that OS meaning it's gonna be near impossible to find a fix 😀

  17. It's funny that Windows has such an excessive, disgusting amount of unnecessary bloatware nobody has ever asked for, wanted, or used that it's considered an upgrade to just delete half the OS.

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