BSG Just Shared a Strange Scoreboard – Escape From Tarkov News

laatste update: 05-2022

It seems that this list is a little… off…




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  1. I can guarantee you that if they get a badge for losing their money to this event, and I end up getting killed by one of those people, I'll just be laughing my ass off when I see the badge because that meant that dude actually went and gave his money away "fOr tHe EvEnT" LMAOOOOO, thanks to the event I got rich and didn't give a single ruble to lightkeeper

  2. I won't participate in another event like this if the only thing we get after multiple days is a fucking list with the top 30. shit's stupid.

  3. All my Tarkov lore knowledge comes from you, thanks. Happy belated birthday also.

    I think, off the top of my head, that the major and minor contributors wil get some carepackage type stuff. Even if its a oneoff (personally I disagree and believe this was the first test for us of what Tarkov is REALLY going to be like; erratic, unstable, deadly. I think that after beta testing is over-ish then DLC/"wipe" events like this will become seasonal occurences.

    The best is yet to come.

  4. IMO, bsg robbing the player base of a certain percentage each would almost make more sense than this event if they really wanted the soft wipe

  5. I really hope that me selling my entire stash to fence helped make a dent in the goal, because I have never been able to get a scav case

  6. That's bullshit
    Just like taxes
    The big bucks get all the credit while the Lil guys break their backs going broke repeatedly
    I doubt a single one of those names emptied their entire inventory multiple times let alone once
    A nice ** you from bsg to all the rest of us thanks Nikita

  7. What if it's not a list of highest contributors but lowest contributors with the most wealth? "Deserved recognition" doesn't necessarily have to be a good kind of recognition.

  8. Not enough players named to make me think it would be the case, but it would be cool if top contributors got some sort of favor with the cultists. Maybe they wouldn't hunt you at night so you could plan night time ambushes or even if cultists had a chance to come to your defense in pvp.

  9. I gave my whole stash which was about 35 mil and about 20 mil before that it wasn't a lot but it was everything I got

    Also I hope that used and bear were considered in their player population

    As a bear I notice there aren't a lot of my bear breatheren around so idk how were supposed to match usec without massively out performing

  10. As a level 11 and grinded my way to 15 while the event was happening it fucking sucked. No flea market even when they brought it back because I was too low level etc.
    But like, I learned the game. It seemed like interchange lobbies were completely dead. I was extremely cautious with how I played as I'm super new and trying to learn how to farm scav spawns etc, And I quite literally only killed 3 PMC's over 5 days in the wipe. Only died a handful of times to PMCS, Mostly died to newby shit like not enough meds or food/water. Or I found out that Killa does NOT fuck around. Found that out the hard way a couple times lmao
    But I mean, I saw no gigachads, decent loot and the last two days I've seen nothing but full lobbies/tons of giga chads. All high levels coming back. So this event was a bad thing and a great thing for me personally

  11. BSG wants lifers. Unless you're cheating or streaming on multiple accounts, once you buy the game it's yours forever so I think this event speaks to the Tarkov lifer. They don't care about fair weather fans

  12. They should make it so if you pick bear it makes Russian guns handle better but if u usec it makes nato guns handle better since they would be use to the guns since there a pmc. Bears would rule over wipe and late wipe usec would be stronger. And since bears would be leveling up there guns it’ll be lvl. Maybe idk I play the game in 20 fps so idk

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