BSG Has a New Anti-Cheat Program – Escape From Tarkov News

laatste update: 03-2023

Over time, we’ve noticed that battleye hasn’t been doing a good enough job and we’ve finally got BSG and Nikita to agree.

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  1. Over time, we've noticed that battleye hasn't been doing a good enough job and we've finally got BSG and Nikita to agree.
    (the sticker leftovers are from my 2 year old – sticker went through the wash – and I love it, btw)

    Discord link:

  2. If invisible players aren’t being flagged for report then it might just lead to more people abusing the exploit

  3. I'm sorry but this sounds like a waste of effort.
    with this system, you are going to do A LOT of work only to maybe catch a little drop in a sea of cheaters.
    this will not have any impact whatsoever, a total waste of your energy.
    as someone who is new to the game, most of the time I will die without even knowing where I was shot from. there is no way for me to know if I was cheated or outplayed. there is no replay for me. at the times I do see my opponent, it is just my client side view, no real way for me to know what is going on on his end. I have a report button after death.. but when the hell am I supposed to use it? what clips are considered suspicious? yeah, maybe 10k hours gigachads can say for sure that what this guy did is impossible, but most players can't because we don't have any way to see what our killer saw. did he see me through the wall or did he hear me 5 min's ago and followed me all this time? your system is essentially an "anti cheat" but only for a very specific small group of players, in a even more specific type of scenarios. most players will get cheated without even realizing, the rest will get cheated without any ability to prove it.
    and the cheaters? at the worst case for them, they just need to try to be a little less sus in order to avoid you. that's all…

    I am not familiar with how deep battleeye is going, but apparently it is not enough. take for example FaceIt. they have a very good anti cheat, (it is also very intrusive ofc).
    you can see that there is a very small amount of cheaters in csgo on faceit compared to csgo's matchmaking system, even though csgo have a replay system and overwatch system built in to the game.

  4. well this aged like shit. Discord message "@everyone No Access is currently down because of an INSANE amount of applications"

  5. I think this is a good system to augment the main anti-cheat

  6. Naw youre all just a cabal of radar RMT money making losers that sit in their houses all day and contribute nothing to society. You streamers are more corrupt than the government with your private discords and propaganda

  7. i have a better idea – a backend access for moderators or approved people like your cheater catching squad to have the ability to spectate this person when he or she goes into a game, that way when the person gets banned by the person spectating then he thinks it was battle eye software and not an independent person spectating like you or your squad, aiding to your cheater catching squads security and adding to the credibility of the battle eye software, and also catching the person in the act instead of after the fact. you would also then have the recording of the player you spectated just in case they lie about it being an unjustified ban

  8. Manual system that requires submitted clips for cheaters…

    But you can get auto banned for dropping found in raid items to your friends

    Fuckin insane. Are they in self destruct mode?

  9. their newest anti-cheat could be a calculator. shot someone 19 times in the leg and they lived? someone gets 20 headshots in a row without missing? hell, someone goes into the raid and never dies?
    just do the math… and they will be able to find the cheaters.

    we are not asking for a lot, just simple, easy stuff.

  10. Q: a better way.
    the game refuses to allow kill cams. D sink is common, we are not left with much to work with.
    Ok, here is my suggestion, ill work on better ones too.

    Really the trick is to make it not worth the risk, and most people will not go out of their way to reach out unless they really think the person is cheating. you form the list and if that player shows up a lot you pass their name up. or simpler yet, send them a friend request. much like crime stops when the cops show up, just take a few minutes out of your day, add the name, and tell them you would like to play a round with them.
    I feel like we underestimate the power we have as a community. If they are not cheating they would likely love to play with you. If they are cheating they get a friendly warning. Worse case they never reach out and after enough people report them they get "escalated"

    this is to go with your system, not replace it. if you can get hard evidence go for it.

    to be honest, I would watch a "meet the community" anti-cheat stream or YT short. I watched all the bot busting on Runescape, and so sid a million other people lol.

  11. I literally just got a YouTube advertisement on this Tarkov service store… to pay someone to do something.. that's crazy

  12. So I think I've either died to a cheater or a game bug. I spawned in, Tier 5 osprey fully modded fast helmet using a grenade launcher ak-74m with a reap ir on it. And I instantly died and had my game crash. I luckily recorded this

  13. what if there were like say some kind of bsg employee who's job was to use cheats in game but ONLY so they could catch actual cheaters, make SURE they're cheating, and clean up the trash. feel like it would be effective.

  14. My current only issue with this is that with the amount of invisible players… could easily look like they died to a cheater with terrible ammo just taking loads of damage from no where.

  15. let someone who isnt a streamer or a streamers mod . someone like i dont know ME in to part of the review panel. i dont have big hours in game, i dont use cheats . i am a normal player .

  16. I would still prefer this type of system to be combined with the ability to playback a "kill cam" after the raid is done

  17. Beautiful initiative. Tarkov has an amazing community that love the game. Good job guys

  18. I sent In a ticket 3 days ago and then they did this, it's nice idk of it was already in the works but it's nice to feel like they're doing something about my ticket

  19. If BSG have full raid logs, as they say, they can use those to form 2d map with every PMC, scav etc and make full replay of the raid, with coordinates of each entity, weapon they have and even (with some additional work) with their lines of sight. Even if they dont want to share this with players (but i think it would be a fun feature, maybe as a service from a trader just to see how you died in specific raid. They can even make it pretty pricy), they or you discord could use it for additional information.
    I saw this idea in ARMA where post-game playbacks were just like that. It was informative enough to see what happened overall

  20. Yeah I don't trust streamers let alone moderators of streamers

  21. None of this matters, Because Radar is Virtually undetectable. THAT is the core problem currently, Skilled players using radar to gain unfair advantage. The blatant rage hackers are few and far between and a small percentage of those who cheat. You'll Never catch someone using Radar that has a brain. They will continue to loot freely and kill who they please, intercept who they want and gun you down before you know they are near you. Back in 2020 BSG Claimed they Encrypted packets and stopped this, that was complete bullshit. Radar was down for no less then 24 hours at the time. Without Point to Point Encryption Radar will continue to run rampant.

  22. I just came up with insane idea, what if BSG actually cared and developed working anticheat? Community doesn't have to deal with cheaters and waste their time doing BSG's work.

  23. Community moderation is retarded.

    Rengrar proved that, what you experience on your screen isn't what may actually be happening.

  24. I think we need a Replay-System to confidently identify cheaters. And bsg needs a fking working ban-appeal-system in the (unlikely) case that someone DOES get falsely banned

  25. 😂😂😂The add before the video was a Tarkov boosting store wtf 😂😂😂

  26. As said here, and showcased in a few videos. You must have both players perspective. There needs to be a type of in-game free cam review available where players can look from both persons perspectives, as well as watch the suspects point of view throughout the entire raid.

    The setup: have servers dedicated to keeping games (I know. Its a lot of data, but not impossible.) Players have 24 hours to download the suspected game before it is deleted from BSG servers, OR players can set it up to have recordings kept on their personal machines as an in-game option. The latter solution meaning BSG doesn't have to manage extra servers.

    The execution: Players review the session from any players angel they choose, can then record the suspected moment as well as any other evidence they find from that raid, and create an official report.

    There would be many times where players realize they are wrong for suspecting, and plenty of others where its confirmed.

  27. I see people saying a replay system is needed. However I believe that won’t work as it will give too much information for you to relay to your teammates over discord. If you are playing with 4 friends and kill a dude, then he watched a the replay and briefly sees that the guy who killed you has buddies and they are at x location. You could just tell your buddies hey there is x people at x location. I could see it working if it was a message from prep or kinda of thing, where once all players of the team (either team) have left prapor sends you a message with the replay clip that is then deleted once viewed. However with dsync a thing I could still see people viewing replays and still calling cheater even if they aren’t 🙁

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