BSG Are Doubling Down On The Bans… – Escape From Tarkov News in 2023

laatste update: 03-2023

Well… This needs to be sorted swiftly, huh?

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  1. So this is nothing to do with selling items now, it's just the part of let's for fun donate some random stupid kit to a streamer, take Onepeg for example and have you get a dumb gun, a backpack, and let's says some crap armor and a vest and you'll be flagged and banned from the game and discords. So by that standard, LVNDMARK should be banned too? What the (bleep) is going on. LVNDMARK also doesn't insure his gear either so technically any other player could kill him, take his gear and that technically could be the same thing that gets you banned as well. Guess I'll keep playing SPT then or watching on Twitch then, no sense trying to have a fun time in the game at some point into the wipe since things will get flagged.

  2. what if I am a Scav and some PMC comes up and gives me stuff like a GPU but I have zero association with him whatsoever , would I get flagged

  3. Narcan has been the main reason for the even greater failure in the last 10 years. Before, when an addict OD'd, they just died.

  4. One of the most annoying things over the years of Tarkov has 1000% just watching all the blatant cheaters exchange like billions of roubles on the flea market. Yeah, you all know who I'm talking about, the people who in week 1 of wipe already have a flea rep of 40+ and the only things they have for sale are 75 intel folders and 35 GPUs. With absolutely no way to report them either.

  5. Have you thought maybe that they actually did do RMT? Theres always bad actors in every community

  6. I understand what you are saying that it does nothing with the false bans. The problem is radar cheats, they arent detectable. I think the problem isn't false negatives but false positives. That's what they are trying to fight. The ones you can't prove but you know exist.

  7. What about the scenario where I am a very casual player maybe once a fortnight and don't have much in the way of in-game cash or load outs, I die in a raid and so I can keep playing with them my real-life friend takes my gear out so he can give it back to me next raid so I can keep playing, will that no get us all banned???
    Or what about the situation where I say screw it take my gear I am logging off for and they get banned because they ended up with the gear I entered the raid in, or even if it is accidental, my body is one of several and they end up with my loadout because at the time there was no way of telling who's gear was who's???

    Where is the line drawn?

    And is it restricted to streamers or is it all players???

  8. So if your friend gets killed, you can’t bring their stuff back whatsoever for the next raid bc you’ll get flagged 😂 it’s just going down hill from now

  9. lol BSG is braindead and this is officially the start of the game’s death imo. it’s clear they can’t stop cheaters, so they will continue to just make it harder for normal people to play the game. every single person I know who plays has quit this wipe with low odds of returning until they turn the game around. and I’m seeing tons of people on the subreddit saying the same thing.

  10. question, and maybe im not seeing it, but if you drop restrict gear like they do with keys and stuff, how will you be able to get the gear from players you may kill.

    Also does that mean I should no being trying to bring my friends gear back into raid if they die and I try and get out with it for them next raid?

  11. Battlestate games is a brain dead dev. I have been saying this for years.

  12. Star Citizen! Well that is a game with transparent devs and a comprehensive developement!

  13. It’s literally just a trash pile of issues that has frustrated me too the point I’ve gone back to AOE 3. Holy shit they need to do SOMETHING

  14. BSG false banning someone ? They would never do that ! Obvious sarcasm is obvious

  15. I don’t think these banned streamers are telling the full story, my friends and I have been dropping each other shit all the time, especially just dropping kits to our low level friends and we still good, no time outs. Other buddy who has had 2 of his long time homies banned for cheating this wipe, one legit cheated cause he got bored and the other is still claiming he didn’t cheat, he still not banned or timed out as of last night.

    I just think these streamers aren’t telling the full story, kind sucks but something triggered their ban but it’s anyone’s guess what that is. Just my opinion, kinda sus

  16. Had the game for 5 years and got perm banned asked why and they said I broke terms of service, asked for what I broke and they just sent the same message and closed the ticket

  17. "This feels like the war on drugs" well said. I actually uninstalled the game yesterday. I have a bit over 3000 hours. I got my money's worth

  18. To be honest since RMT became in EFT and that was pretty much when flea market got introduced (by the way I am not against flea, I am just saying that is when RMT became a problem), ever since then, EVERYTHING BSG did only hurt normal players and has done NOTHING to reduce RMT. For example barter is still a thing on flea, and once can still barter red key card to box of matches… does it get's reported? maybe… but the fact is – you can still do it! And to be honest RMT would not be a problem in itself, but RMT is one of the main reasons why cheating is so common place in EFT. Obviously those that do RMT have initiative to to cheat to get a lot of money to be able to sell and because they are RMT they don't care if their accounts are banned, that is "just cost of doing business" for them.

    Yet… the people who suffer are normal players, I can't drop my friend a gun, now you can't share keys anymore. For example I have friend who has all SPA keys, I bought Interchange keys when we started playing and he got SPA keys… we did his quests in Interchange… no I need to do questing in SPA and he no longer plays this wipe… and that is it… there is no way he can give me his keys… or even stupid things like going into raid with squad and then deciding to split… and before it was like "do you have X key… yeah sure here you go and then party splits"… now you can't do this. All the stupid flea limitations, extortionate fees etc… all that meant to stop RMTs… yet it only hurts players and for RMTs it just means they raised the prices.

    There are solutions which would hit RMTs and would not hurt normal players, but BSG just not willing to implement them for some reason.

  19. unreal. cop irl and couple minutes into the vid i thought "failed war on drugs". thought it was just me looking through a familiar prism but apparently i wasnt the only one. good vid and as someone else in the comments said, bsg better get it together now that they have competition. additionally, allowing for PvE only co-op with friends with progression is a much needed step. many of us just want to play with friends and have a good casual time, and the PvP in EFT just stresses us out and its not fun

  20. "Not once in the history of warfare has someone ever resupplied their allies" , Nikita probably.

  21. but him using an ALT account is considered "ban evasion" , if we did that, = perm ban

  22. pretty hot take based on a single side of the story. There is no confirmation that the rmt player is the reason. It's an assumption on the banned parties part. Far too little information to rush to such a judgement.

  23. just do a EFT strike, take a month/weeks off and no one touch the damn game.

  24. i love this game so much and its pathetic how its basically eating its self from the inside. this is insane. what the hell is bsg doing right now??

  25. I’m sorry but the focus on RMT is insane, why are we banning people and making it impossible to help friends when there’s insane problems like invisible people, the sound etc, yet BSG is focusing on something else and just doubling down. It’s absolutely insane to me how you could spend 140$ play for years and play with one person then bam banned… like you’re actually trying to kill the game.

  26. hello i got also banned done nothing wrong and been banned i didn`t play the last week and i got also banned for 60 days (also 20 people how i now they got also banned)

  27. They constantly just make bad choices to combat cheaters that only hurt regular players. They can't hurt cheaters cause the cheaters don't care. Can't pick up 3 of an item in one raid, the cheaters will just run more raids and still get the items while the normal players just can't pick up the loot they were lucky to find. Now this shit banning normal people for existing in the same world as cheaters.

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