BREAKING NEWS: George Santos Asked Point Blank For Response To Calls For Explusion

laatste update: 11-2023

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is asked about his fellow Republicans calling for him to be expelled.

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18 gedachten over “BREAKING NEWS: George Santos Asked Point Blank For Response To Calls For Explusion”

  1. PAB playbook … any easy way to get rich and feel privileged … Voters, vet these people before you go to the polls!

  2. All politicians known to be frauds and liars need resign.

  3. The new speaker said he wouldn't ask him to resign because they're majority rule is to slim

  4. If he was a dem the republican congress would be throwing a fit for him to be expelled.

  5. Santos is as honest as the rest of the GOP. They are all mental and hypocrites.

  6. Resign? I thought the Republicans would make him Speaker?

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  8. Funny if a reporter stuck their hand on the door which will open it.

  9. He is small potatoes compared to the whole Dem caucus and 75% of Rs

  10. He's the new gop. They only care more about numbers than people doing the right thing, right in front of everyone to see.

  11. He needs to go, but how come nobody is asking Joe Biden to resign for all his lies .

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