Bloom Technique using Boom Gel Stain Paint/ Sightseeing in our Neighborhood

Video 444. In this video I try the bloom technique again and I´m using the boom gel stain paint again. Also a short sightseeing tour in our neighborhood.
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Base Paint
* 50 ml Boom Gel Stain Boronea Burgundy
* 5 ml water
Other Paint
* 10 ml paint
* 1 ml water
Cell Activator
* 5 ml Amsterdam Titanium White
* 15 ml Australian Floetrol

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Materials used:

Boom Gel Stain verf

Australian Floetrol

Amsterdam Titanium White

Boom Gel Stain

Australian Floetrol

Amsterdam Titanium White

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23 gedachten over “Bloom Technique using Boom Gel Stain Paint/ Sightseeing in our Neighborhood”

  1. Je engels is goed hoor, beter dan dat van mij.
    Ik hou van die toeristische routes doet mij erg denken aan toen we vroeger naar pake en beppe gingen.
    Je canvas is heel mooi geworden en wat een aparte vorm.

  2. Your bloom effect was very pretty! Nice job. As for your English, I think you do a great job. Don't ever ask me to speak a word of Dutch 😄. Lived the end of your video, sightseeing around where you live. Beautiful

  3. Love the colors and the bloom technique. Beautiful! Thanks so much for the tour of your neighborhood. Yes we say tunnel too.
    Love how so many people on bicycles. That’s an awesome way to get around. Love the greenery and all the cows. Wow you are so close to a lot of things to do.💚💗

  4. I love your painting and the colors you used were perfect! I really loved the tour of your neighborhood and the surrounding area. The ride in the country reminds me of the East Texas countryside with the trees and grass lands. I love seeing the bridge that raises up, that's different! Very nice and I hope you take us on more ride-alongs!

  5. Love your work. Maybe one day I try it too. But first I want to get better at resin. I also love your neighborhood, I live in the south of the Netherlands, near the Belgium border. Not so much canals, but lots of green landscape too.

  6. Very nice colors for the bloom. Love the burgundy background. Thank you for the tour of your neighborhood. I love going to the Netherlands. Next time I come I shall come visit your studio. Last time we were in Amsterdam I fell n love with the flower marker and the place where Delft is made. If you ever come to the US you are welcome to come stay with me in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a beautiful place.

  7. Oh my Lady your neighborhood is Beautiful!!!!! And the painting came out Beautiful too. I hope Today finds you Happy and Blessed. Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. Hello Petra, I enjoyed the tour! I thought I saw Groningen on one of the street signs. I was born in a little village in Groningen but now live in the US. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Beautiful pour! Ty for sharing the tour of where u live. Looks like a peaceful place.

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