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laatste update: 02-2023

If you want to know more about bitoin brabant? This is the story of our 2022 journey:

Building a business while bitcoin is dying
In 2021 after selling my bike rental I was still figuring out how bitcoin mining actually worked. When at the start of 2022 natural gas prices exploded we got an opportunity to start heating a greenhouse with a bitcoin miner.

After some iterations of improvement in January and February I decided to post 👇 video on Twitter. In some magical way this video was viewed over and over and reached half a million views in a relatively rapid timespan.

People checked on our freshly started business and I received hundreds of requests. Not just from greenhouses but also from small businesses. In the past months we had developed a sound dampening, fire proof box that guides the warm air for small businesses.

Out of these requests only a few could be taken seriously. The ones that were using expensive natural gas to heat and had a low electricity price. This meant a direct no for 99% of the requests.

The 1% brought us to some beautiful installations we could do of which a few were ok with us sharing some details.

The most famous installation is the tulip greenhouse. We installed six new generation super efficient machines where we are hoping to reduce the natural gas use by approximately 12.000m3 per year. With the current natural gas price you can quickly calculate the profitability of just this reduction when you have electricity at a cheap rate available. Most people ask what we do with the heat in summer. We dry bulbs with it, the amount of natural gas that is used during the drying season is even higher than the winter growing the flowers. Therefore the heat of the machines can be used all year round. And because the bulbs are now bitcoin dried we ship them across the globe with in exchange for some Satoshis (a fraction of bitcoin). The tulip bubble never popped 😉.

But we should not forget how this actually started. The greenhouse in Brabant created bitcoinbloem because we wanted to sell the flowers for bitcoin. Because adoption of bitcoin is slow we didn’t get many requests and when we did we drove the flowers across the Netherlands ourselves. And it was great fun. When an American veteran approached us to donate flowers to an elderly home we repurposed our website to donation only for sick children and elderly homes in our region. We received multiple donations and always published the pictures of the donations on the Twitter account. It was grateful work we were able to do through this.

A warehouse reduces its natural gas heating and uses its excess solar.

A restaurant was heated reducing natural gas.

A large equestrian facility heats its cantina and bar.

All the drawings and iterations we made were open source. Some clients decided to build their own boxes and setup to integrate it into their location.

In total we were able to help with 18 installations this year. Either from start to finish or just partially for technical support or independent miner advice.

This heating business brought along another request from the customers. Now that they owned this bitcoin transaction block time stamping device we needed to help securing the bitcoin they earned.

Technologically a lot happened over the past years and securing your bitcoin became a lot easier. When the newest state of the art devices were presented by US manufacturers we decided to pursue official reseller status. After going through due diligence and waiting for the manufacturing delays we could start helping our customers securing their bitcoin properly by Q3 this year.

When some large exchanges went bust our service became more apparent for bitcoin holders across Europe.

The latest development while starting to help more and more with bitcoin in general is education. We have started to help out konsensus with Dutch bitcoin book distribution.

In the meantime we have reached millions of views of our content online. Dozens of people used our devices for secure self custody. And we were able to help build 18 installations to reduce natural gas.

And before we forget, the bitcoin conference came to Amsterdam so we decided to build a beautiful flower palette. Many people helped us to put the flowers into the bitcoin logo at the entrance of the conference. It was beautiful to see how we could all work together with such an amazing result.

It was a beautiful year and we can’t wait to build an even better year with you in 2023. Thank you all for the tremendous support. Especially Adriaan for co-creation. Koen for building the bitcoinbloem website and integrating payment solutions. Bertine for shipping. Ben for transport. Sanne for life. Bear for being there. The noderunners in general.