Bitcoin Turned 14 🥳 #cryptocurrency #bitcoin

laatste update: 02-2023

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  1. Truth be told I appreciate the content keeping things in perspective and highlighting the accomplishments of the developers and progress. Despite a brutal 2022 for crypto in terms of sentiment, I have never been more excited about the industry long term from a fundamentals perspective. It takes a tiny pump into resistance to turn everyone bullish again. The future of cryptocurrency is bullish we are witnessing the end of the fiat era investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency will be wise, I will advise you invest with the assistance of Thomas Fuller he have been outstanding with accurate signals and strategy that have earned me 6btc and 11ETH. I recommend him because he will upskill you on how to trade in different cycles, all you need patience and dedication you won't be affected by the market cycle anymore as you continue to earn profit with little work on a daily or weekly, anytime that suits you.

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