Bitcoin Pumping! (Top 2 Reason I Am Still Bearish)

laatste update: 05-2022

Where is Bitcoin headed!? On today’s show I do live technical analysis on Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market. I let you know where I think the price is headed and what levels you can watch for potential trades. As Bitcoin battles to hold 40k we are seeing a short term pump. However I will be showing you the things that I am looking at that are making me think that we have further downside in store.

At the end of the stream we will be doing a live Q&A where I look at your altcoins and we will be spinning the wheel of pain and pleasure for your chance to win a giveaway!

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

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17 gedachten over “Bitcoin Pumping! (Top 2 Reason I Am Still Bearish)”

  1. Appreciate all the TA and the hard work, Frankie! Also thank you for giving me the confidence to set up a leverage account. Before I started watching your videos and streams, I thought leverage trading was just a money grab for the elites profiting off of liquidations. I have not made any life changing gains yet, but I know there are some to come in the future as I continue my crypto journey with the candle mafia. Lastly, make sure you eat, Frankie! I know you love making content for us but we want you healthy, man. Godbless 🙂

  2. I will forever be indebted to you .you've changed my whole life I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you're saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Anabel Jackson

  3. I’ve lost more money by listening to you tubers like you. You got all the charts but no market sense. Missing the forest for the trees

  4. People naver know how to avoid making losses while trading, you need to get full understanding and knowledge it is not something you just gamble, Mr.Alece.consistent and constructive. I am getting the best from it.

  5. I believe < that the inflation is already priced in crypto market since the end of last year. These manipulative rats are always 2 steps ahead of everybody because they are market makers. I hope I’m wrong and they won’t keep dumping it on retail investors as always. Those who hold the longest will profit the most, I trade and hold profits keep up the great work! and also Aron Craig has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio from 1.74BTC to 8.9 BTC lately. <You can reach Craig on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉Aroncraigsignal.

  6. I <am loving your work as always. Happy Easter to you and your family! I already spent some USDT on BTC, I think it has great potential. Good to be on the edge of progress! With so many traders doing these long term, out of touch, time frames it's a breathe of fresh air to have you do a down to earth daily view point. Keep it up. The way you deliver the content is so easy to understand. Did you do any courses on public speaking? Cheers. The cryptocurrency market continues to be untypically calm, with bitcoin failing to make a decisive move while still standing above $40,000. Most of the altcoin space is in a similar position, except for Filecoin, which soared by double digits. Honestly, the right information is what we need to be successful. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only do occasionally, I can unequivocally say that trading is one of the most profitable and lucrative business for every investors with the right expert. I believe that the benefits of successful trading come from an expert and that is why I made huge profits with the help of Mrs. Stacy Huth , she is a genius and that is why I always advise beginners to trade with professionals like her. So far I have been able to increase my trading portfolio from day trading with 2.07 btc to over 14 btc with the accurate trading signal given to me by a veteran trader and signal provider Mrs Stacy Huth I can attest to the accuracy of her trading strategy. You all in search of a way to recover your looses from the crash and accumulate more profits can reach out to her for profitable trading system on Telegram @ ** for any crypto related issues

  7. The market is very unstable and you can not tell If it's going bearish or bullish. I advise everyone to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. When these reports are bullish take some off to the side lines, when news gets bearish start buying. "Keep it simple simple" that bear/ correction was the best thing that happened to me.But all thanks to Carlson for his amazing skills in helping me. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 9 BTC when I started at 2.5 BTC in just 5 weeks of implementing trades with <signals and insights from Vince Jouret, I would advise you all to trade your asset rather than hold for a future you aren’t sure about.You can reach Jouret on ͲeIєɠɾαm ➡@(jouretsignals/jourettrade)

  8. <Awesome post I must say. Crypto is moving with little sign of stopping throughout the past few days and weeks, with movements reaching a clear impasse, the aggregated cryptocurrency market has been following in Btcoin's lead and is struggling to garner any decisive momentum. One analyst is now noting that BTC has been holding above a key macro level throughout the past few months. i appreciate the honesty/ the most you tubers this days is only up to the moon/ funny part is that nobody is talking or taking in consideration of what's happening around us !!!!! /stock market, delta variant, inflation and so on; let alone of how bitcoin perform before in the same situation in the past. What's best to do now is to trade with pro treder Daniel as to stack up more even in this period.

  9. Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days

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