BITCOIN Price Update!! We must hold this level or Crash ahead!!

laatste update: 05-2022


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  1. Apreciando a una mujer tan hermosa. 2:3 sentadillas son unos XX18LIKE.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world lose mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  2. The best decision I ever made in life was investing in financial markets. Trust me guys it pays a lot. And I've come to realize that trading Bitcoin is more profitable than holding it and wait for it to skyrocket

  3. Brilliant analysis of the different things to watch for on the different time frames. Over the years I have learned an awful lot about TA, Markets and trading. Just waiting for good set ups that sometimes work out often enough to grow capital – boredom is bliss! 💯Great channel just gets better. Holders remain indecisive if this is a continuous uptrend and whether btc would hit it's all time high as predicted by analysts or if this little uptrend is a trick to a new fallout. I've made over 7btc lately using methods and strategies from Dominic Ellis….He can be reached via Telegram @ Ellistrades4.💥

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