Bitcoin Market Cycle ROI

laatste update: 07-2022

It is time for an update on the market cycle return on investment (ROI) of Bitcoin, as measured from the bottom, and as measured from the halving. We also discuss again the idea of lengthening cycles and diminishing returns. Where do you think this Bitcoin market cycle is headed? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. anyone else tired of every youtuber repeatedly spewing their lengthening vs 4 year cycle dogma?

  2. Ben – I really like your videos, and like math. I’m confused. How do you determine the market cycle low? It looks like the low was about 900 days ago, so I assume you are calling the December 2018 low of about 3100 the market cycle low. But we’ve had a halving since then (May 2020). So how are you defining the market cycle? It’s evidently not the four year halving cycle (2016 to 2020, 2020 to 2024, etc.). Thanks.

  3. ben has experienced so much roi from BTC that he can afford to have a room with just computer and without a mic on it.

  4. Benjamin: Do you think it is incorrect to analyze the BTC chart in terms of pure Price Action? I’m not sure any BTC commentators even know what price action analysis is. In trying to understand how you crypto commentators analyze the price movement of BTC I see that none of you use metrics that a professional price action trader would use to understand for example S&P 500 futures or currency pairs. When I look at the Daily BTC chart however it looks like any other chart in terms of how the price moves. Any professional S&P500 futures trader could also trade BTC and it could be traded by algorithms at any prop firm. So I am perplexed. I feel like I’m missing something when I hear talk of market cycles. You see price movement will tell you what is going to happen in this cycle not the other way around. What happened in prior cycles is irrelevant. The only thing that’s relevant is what Price Action is doing now, Everything else is just conjecture and guessing. Am I missing something? I’d like to understand if I am. Best regards

  5. Must be really good TA because EVERY video has HORRIBLE audio… maybe call NASA and get their Mars communication system.
    Let me know cause I can’t listen anymore.

  6. Love your data-based presentation. You rock!

    If I may make a suggestion for those of us who have trouble with low contrast presentations, I'd suggest that your "current cycle" be white (and slightly wider lines so it's instantly identifiable) and your other lines be a bright color – like your red and yellow lines – against the black background. Just a suggestion!

  7. Even Saylor doesn't worry about the opportunity cost of a working microphone; Ben's building his mix on pure Granite here.

  8. Your previous video really inspired me a lot I love this saying,

    successful people don't become the way they are over night, what

    most people see as a glance wealth, great career- purpose is the

    result of hard work and hustle over time back up with


  9. Hi Ben. Thanks for the great content as always. Been watching Since December. But could I ask you to invest a little in the Audio? It would make a world of difference. Thanks.

  10. When I look at your charts it seems to me like 65000$ was the cycle top. And when you look at it the performance from march 2020 to the top was incredible.

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