30 gedachten over “Bitcoin at $17,000 or Patek at $200,000?”

  1. It's a better purchase if you return it. Hope you kept the receipt.

  2. Amazing for the buyer. Losing 13% in value of the watch is much better than losing 71% in value of Bitcoin.

  3. Uuumm his watch is still holding its value? Bitcoin lost value for now which is great he can buy a few more bitcoins with his watch's value and watch it double, triple in the next few years when bitcoin eventually reaches 100,000. I'm pretty sure there is a better way of writing what I just wrote that makes more sense🤣

  4. Technically he got rid of the btc before it tanked and got a decent asset in return. Yeah the price went down but not as much as the btc dropped

  5. Good deal.. Now he just needs to sell it and recycle that $ to more BTC.. he spent 3.9 BTC originally, but can now sell it and buy over 12 BTC.. just returning to $59,000 would net him over $700,000… not bad.

  6. Great purchase .
    Hopefully the seller cash out the bitcoin before the price dropped

  7. Both purchases were bad… both worth nothing… it's just marketing

  8. He made great purchase he lost 15% value on the watch. But of he would have stayed with all that bitcoin he would have lost 70%. The only one here lost money was CRM

  9. Yes it was because that Bitcoin he purchased the watch with is only worth 70k right now

  10. Obviously the better option now at this time.. and even better now bitcoins at 14,000

  11. if he buy by selling bitcoin he had massive profit/hedge consider the value of the watch down around 10% while bitcoin down to 50% more.

  12. No it wasn’t because eventually a bitcoin will go back to $70,000. If not more, however, do you watch the only start to depreciate in value from now on.

  13. The bitcoin he paid for the watch with $230,000 has lost about $160,000 of its value. The Watch has lost $30,000 of its value. So yes he made a wonderful trade. If he would have held on to the bitcoin it would only be worth around $70,000 while the watch is worth $200,000

  14. Yes because he payed 4 Bitcoin for it – now 4 Bitcoin only take you to 80g -he sell and reinvest . Woooooooo made a few BtC – someday that’s a million dollar come up .

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