Bitcoin, a Huge chance for 2nd wave down. Elon Musk pumps DOGEcoin. TA for BNB, ETH, XRP.

Dear traders in this video you will learn Bitcoin, a Huge chance for 2nd wave down. Elon Musk pump DOGE. TA for BNB, ETH, XRP.

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24 gedachten over “Bitcoin, a Huge chance for 2nd wave down. Elon Musk pumps DOGEcoin. TA for BNB, ETH, XRP.”

  1. Hi yuriy, thanks for the analysis! I've been prepping for dumps when you warn but every time i seem to come unstuck. You always recommend stop losses beneath major supports and like with many of the 11 coins you recommended. I set them. That down whick on btc was huge and stopped me out, just to then go on a HUGE uprise. Like reef as you gave the example.

    So I made losses on them, was I not supposed to put SL? Put them at a marge wider margin below deeper supports? I just cant see how you didnt go to wreck city with the 11 alt coins you recommended. Any advise appreciated 🙂

  2. Thanks to you I get some profit from ETH, your the best my friend!

  3. Awesome! Any good new entries on REEF, TRX, XLM, BCH and XRP?

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