Bill Gates opens up about his divorce and Jeffrey Epstein

laatste update: 05-2022

CNN’s Anderson Cooper talks to Bill Gates about his divorce from former wife Melinda French Gates after 27 years, and asks Gates about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein — one Gates called a “huge mistake.”
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  1. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know why Bill Gates sticks to wearing glasses and doesn't go for an eye op like many of the other superrich do?? I mean, he could afford the best vision correction op money could buy, right?

    Yes. I wear glasses myself but I can't really justify the cost of an op, I have too many other expenses that have to take a priority, like most people I guess, otherwise, I probably would, although, having said that, they do say there are risks involved, perhaps Bill knows more about it than he is letting on and that could be why he doest go for it or does he just wear glasses as a gimmick to help him look like a nice guy?? 🤔

  2. Ahhh maybe She has Credible evidence of his acts on Epstien Island??? How in he'll did Bill Crosby get released??

  3. I love the way anything Gates pokes the walking clueless out from under their rock, comedy gold.

  4. Everyone has regrets is WRONG. I have no regrets in my marriage or life. With all the brains he has one would expect he would have control of things but alas no. I am surprised Melinda stayed this long in the marriage.

  5. Make all the land you bought free to use for everyone, try to make a home for those on 110 and across us, stop this non sense Pan demonic – less than 1% die from C. And most of those are obese. Fight food culture then People Will cheer you walking the street that one time you do . Peace

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