Biden & The Border: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

laatste update: 10-2023

John Oliver discusses the things Biden has promised to fix about our southern border, what he has and hasn’t done, and a magnificent pile of gators.

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30 gedachten over “Biden & The Border: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. What about homeless starving Americans who are sinking into drugs on the street? Who cares about them?

  2. This show was great for 3 seasons, now it's basically DNC propaganda.

  3. 🔥PSA🔥 Look into Passive and or Natural housing & building! Its less costly upfront and on bills, eco-friendly, and usually locally sourced. Research/create laws, methods, and materials for your region!!! Thank You!!!! 🌎 🏠

  4. WTF are you talking about?! Nobody saying they shouldn’t be allowed to seek asylum. But we have to get control and maybe that means making some very hard and even heartbreaking decisions. Being a leader isn’t easy. People that agree with this shows ideology is only making this country weaker. Can you honestly say things have gotten better……. with anything? Please look past Trump and be objective.

  5. the key words being 'illegal immigration' . sure ask for asylum, but stand outside the border and do it. crying xenophobia is a copout . crossing the border illegal and then claiming asylum is still criminal. you can scream racism doesn't count.

  6. 4 mins in and I am so bored. John Oliver was so much better some years ago. Too political and uninspiring.

  7. I don't think anybody has a solution that works. I'd like to hear some. Maybe build camps, or use military bases, provide language and vocational training, link employers with potential skilled employees, education for immigrant children. Any other ideas? Oliver's suggestions seemed weak.

  8. It's amazing thank oliver twists Biden failures to lets blame trump.

  9. Let’s just say it’s complicated and hope that the major parties will ultimately work together to compromise and develop more pragmatic policy and approaches that will help address the related issues in a way that balances American 🇺🇸 ideals and conscience, but also recognizes that we can’t have full blown open borders either. The Democrats and Republicans actually had agreed upon new policy in a Bipartisan deal that provided for both additional border wall funding and related support, but also additional resources to help smooth the process, as well as granting path to citizenship for DACA’s, but the moron that Trump 🤡 is blew apart the deal out of pure greed and stupidity. Things could’ve been a lot better right now if it wasn’t for that.

  10. Yep, people will let you down. That's as sure as death and taxes, and the higher your expectations of people, the greater your disappointment will be.
    Although Biden is technically accountable for everything his subordinates do, he doesn't control their. every action because like most mortals he's a limited individual, and if his employees lie to migrants to get them to cooperate with the scam they're pulling on those poor people, they will probably NOT walk into to Oval Office to brag about it to the president the next day.

  11. It's about the issue of global migration Americans having to fight for housing, food, jobs against multiple countries coming here looking for those things because of climate issues etc. It's something they have to do holding people back. Why they are coming here and why people are coming here is a red flag!

  12. um has anyone seen john oliver lately? disney assassins could be anyone!! hope hes ok..

  13. I was always taught that the United States is a melting pot. All of our ancestors came from other countries unless we're Native Americans. When will the government wake up? Trump created a huge mess, and he still hasn't been held accountable for all the children that were taken from their parents? DeSantis shipping migrants to northern states in the middle of winter without the proper clothing or supplies. 😢😢😢😢😢

  14. I can't believe I used to listen to this 😢 Great awakening 😊

  15. If we dont stop the flow Trump will or ome republican will be elected

  16. I think it's better to reject all asylum seekers (and clearly communicate that) until there is a solid plan for where these folks are going to live and how they'll be employed. it really does no good to have this "welcome all immigrant's" policy if they're no room to house them and no way for them to earn a living. The bottom line is the US doesn't have the means, financially or otherwise to support this many immigrants at this time, period. And taxpayers are bearing the brunt of these poor decisions.

  17. That is bull , these Republicans are committing a fraud against the President and the American people. Things were worse when Trump was in office. Trump kidnapped children from their parents. We still haven't found their parents to reunit these children.

  18. Miller or better know as Nazi youth, ok, not so youth. Should have nothing to say about anything

  19. Most non legal migrants that want to go north are just people seeking asylum. They are a cornerstone of our economy, because most American citizens simply refuse to do the work they do. The problem is the non legal migrants that come to the border cities, commit crimes, then run back to Mexico where the cops can’t get them.

  20. Stand with the WGA & SAG! Give artists their worth and the security they deserve!

    We miss you, LWT, but we’re supporting you 100%!

  21. this episode and left is so full of crap regarding immigration. They behave like there's no distinction between legal and illegal immigration. Is it fair to people who are trying to enter the country legally? Just think about that for a sec.

  22. Hows the strike going? Cause it looks to me like nobody misses the woke dogshit coming outta Hollywood and with frontmen like zegler squawking about more money after 2 failed films im not surprised.

  23. Your IQ is going up every time an infant crosses your borders

  24. Bidens border policy has been good. Too many people coming.

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