BEST Optimization Guide | Escape from Tarkov 0.13 | Max FPS | Best Settings

laatste update: 02-2023

Playing Escape from Tarkov 0.13? Want to optimize the game for the best performance and visuals? Want more FPS out of your game? Don’t worry; there are a lot of small changes and tips you can use to get the most out of your game. By the end, you should have a high, smooth FPS with this best settings optimization guide!

Every setting benchmarked (0.12):

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – BEST Game settings
1:00 – BEST Graphics settings
4:48 – Sound options
5:15 – PostFX options
6:00 – Fixing jagged edges
6:30 – Fix screen tearing

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Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and ensure what you’re doing is safe.

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  1. how can it be that i have a different options menu then you oO? i dont have nvidia reflex option.Another thing is when i be post raid i see an empty lobby.starting the game works but can take up to 10 minutes to match players.Sometimes it just ctd

  2. 9600K and 3080 OC. this wipe i get like 15-30 99%fps on streets of tarkov. nothing worked. other maps run on like 30-60 99%fps (80 fps ingame fps counter which is definetly wrong)

  3. Need to test more on the NVIDIA Latency setting. I'm on a 3080ti and 6700k. CPU runs at 60 to 65% in game. GPU under 12% average. FPS on lighthouse was 122 on my 144hz 3440×1440 display. Other maps drop to 55fps. Not sure what the culprit is. But it is frustrating not to be able to consistently keep better than 100fps on a capable machine.

    I've even used Project Lasso to set up core affinity and process level to above normal.

    Latest drivers too.

  4. Only physical cores decrease my performance with 5600X, not sure about that.

  5. Thank you. I only trust updated/ recent vids😂👏🏼

  6. Hi TroubleChute, i don't know much about PC's (i know my rig is kind of old) and i need some advice on what parts to upgrade first. im mostly having issues with long loading times and low FPS.
    i have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 , Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz and ASRock b150m-HDV

  7. this is the easiest sub ive done thanks for the guide was getting a average of 10-30 fps now i get 80-110 fps

  8. My game runs perfectly up to the moment I pull the trigger or someone else does and then it’s practically frozen

  9. My gpu is utilized at 4% and CPU at 45 – 50% making me capped at 50 fps on streets, this just me?

  10. This guide seriously killed my performance, dont use it!

  11. Kinda threw me off at first when i saw we had the same exact monitor in the settings LOL

  12. Im having pc for 2000£ build myself and game runs bad .
    Why use only physical cores wow .

  13. Turn off post fx it kills fps, if u wanna make ur game look better for nvidia users open the control panel, go to adjust desktop color settings. Brightness for me is 60% contrast is 65% gamma is 1.30% digital vibrance was 80% for my monitor this game looks incredible and so do my other game but play around with it until ur happy

  14. Extra tip for anyone (please pin)
    Run task manager as admin
    Make sure tarkov is running
    On task manager click tarkov and expand it so you can right click on the game itself
    Go to details after right clicking
    Right click on the highlighted escape from tarkov.exe
    Set priority to real-time or high
    Set affinity level to all your cores
    This really helped me as the game was running on only 2 of my cores and I could hardly run factory and got 30ish fps on low settings I then did it and got about 110+ it really helped

  15. Turn binaural audio off. saved my fps from tanking to the 20's.

  16. I actually was in a Raid and my game was running at about 60fps. I turned on post fx in-raid and my fps jumped up to about 75. Not sure why, but for anybody else, it's worth giving a shot to see if it helps your fps as well.

  17. legit i used to play this on ultra now my pc cant run it………………………………………………………… wtf

  18. if this works i legit may think about going gay for you im not gunna lie

  19. Probably the worst guide I've seen.
    Anisotropic filtering costs literally nothing on modern PCs – Turn it on
    AA – Put TAA, jadged edges are terrible and "bluryness" is almost non existend on high resolution
    Upscaling (DLSS/FSR) – on 1440p use quality, on 4k use performance. FSR 2.1 is fantastic in Tarkov while DLSS is indeed blurry. So use FSR 2.1 regardless of graphics card (nvidia/amd – doesn't matter)
    TURN OFF BINURAL AUDIO – Not only it's broken currently but also it causes massive FPS drops!! Wait for patch! Till then turn it off!

  20. Feels like every big update you need to tweak the settings for good performance even with high end PC. 😴

  21. wdym turn everything off nah bro i need to watch something while waiting 10 min for a raid

  22. Need help. Have a 10400f and rx6600, quality on medium, shadow of low, everything off and mips also off. Running in borderless mode, the game runs fine but if i join a combat it freeze and lags totally, is there any recommendation that i can use?

  23. Your windows and nvidia optimization videos worked amazingly well with this one. I was excited for .13 but once i started playing it was at an agonizing 23-45 fps and I have a beefy 2k res system. These videos brought me back up to playing at 80+ fps and finally i can have fun again! thank you

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