Banksy Artwork Shredded After Selling at Auction May Have Increased in Value

laatste update: 03-2023

Art connoisseurs could only watch in horror as an expensive piece was shredded before their eyes. No sooner did the gavel come down to mark the sale of Banksy’s “Girl With Balloon” for a record $1.4 million, did the picture start to slip out of its frame into shreds below. The anonymous artist claims to be behind the stunt. He says he built the shredder into the painting’s frame in case it ever sold at auction.’s Mara Montalbano ( has more. #InsideEdition

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  1. reminds me of the movie “the Thomas crown affair “ where pierce brosnan climbs into that badass off-road old school mustang cobra

  2. Banksy is wealthy and influential, yet makes “ironic” art indicating a disdain for wealth and influence. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. What a joke, banksy is trash and you’re all suckers.

  3. Couldnt even setup a fully functioning shredder and people think this loser is some kinda artistic genius.

  4. Art people buy everything if you tell them enough blabla

  5. Everyone should view the whole thing this way. The creator created the entire setup, from painting to building a built-in shredder with a trigger event. This whole thing is a piece of art created by Banksy. That’s what it worth 1.4 million. There is a story behind not only the paint but the setup itself. 😅

  6. poor thing with shredded legs. worth 25x more now. 25x more.

  7. Buying expensive art is probably one of the dumbest things possible anyways lol

  8. I’m confused, did the artist do that to their painting or someone else’s? In the second case that’s clear vandalism.

  9. was he at the auction and had a remote to start the shredding? how did it do that at the exact moment it was sold?

  10. All of the stupid art is money laundering. It doesn’t require talent anymore. You can just dump a trashcan of garbage on the floor and call it art

  11. Pawn stars be like:

    Best I can do is $100. It's shredded and I'm taking all the risk.


  13. Pretentious, smug, elitist, meaningless and ultimately boring, this sums up 'modern art' perfectly.

  14. They kept it in the original frame? Nobody ever questioned the 600 Pound painting?

  15. Modern art is just a bunch of idiots pretending to be smarter than anyone else.

  16. So Banksy was at the auction or had a representative there to ensure the painting shredded at the right time. Surprised the whole area wasn't locked down so they could find him

  17. 250 years later and some lucky fellow is going to try to collect all the pieces to put them together to summon banksy

  18. It's like one of those cartoon shows where you keep accidentally convincing people it's good.

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