30 gedachten over “Avoid this Crypto Coin at ALL Costs #shorts in 2023”

  1. Aptos the best performing crypto token since last all time low cycle

  2. Well i have made 130%. So im glad i bought in. Up $13000 USD in 3 days. Hard to complain.

  3. How do you feel now looking at the price chart even after the futures trade is open?

  4. Aptos is being used to hold up Binances pulled liquidity amongst other massive rug pulls massive Crash Coming.

  5. Aged very well, just look at the p n d it brings lol light a candle for all those who fomod

  6. One time you predicted right doesn’t mean all the time you can do that! They have clearly stated everything in their white paper! #Aptos can easily reach $100! This guy is a joke! Aptos chain NFTs is already strong that of solana!!you will see in coming days! I wonder how this guy would react if aptos hit 100? 😅😅

  7. nope it didn t happen at all so in ur case we should avoid arbitrum sui optimism edu and so on too right bc they were the same ways what u re telling

  8. HHAHAAHHA it made a deal with microsoft still don t touch or😂

  9. I was thinking to buy 0.9 Aptos token to pay for love to easy going women when Aptos token grows big. So then I will. Definitely have coitus and could pay for it. At this momentum I am Virgo(mens virgin) and 48years young.

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