ANIMOON NFT Copyright infringement – NFT SCAM ALERT

laatste update: 01-2023

17 January 2022

Twitter: Account suspended

TOPDESK isn’t aware of any partnering with Animoon!

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30 gedachten over “ANIMOON NFT Copyright infringement – NFT SCAM ALERT”

  1. Bro you are a life saver man!! So glad I found you…was looking to buy into this bulls$%t!…nft space is so full of scammy a$$holes! Appreciate you bigtime! You gotta keep this up for people….too many people getting scammed. Thanks 💯

  2. They just posted on their story saying they are going to be supply animoon and they support the project but they did not take part in creating it. Don’t listen to this guy keep it if you have one .

  3. they just announced that they have a closed deal with the company so they can list the game

  4. Thank you very much i wanted to buy 1 and i found your video this completely opened my eyes i cant thank you enough!!!

  5. Écoutez le pas !!!! C’est un gros haineux rien d’autre ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

  6. On sait qui sont l’es fondeur ils ont un accord officiel avec topdeck un agrément avec Pokémon

  7. How can you lie like this ???? Whats your problem ???? Topdeck is frome switzerland and they madré a ig story yesterday about animoon

  8. Le mec sa chaine c’est nft watchdog mais y propose aucun plan il fait que descendre des projets les autres je les connais pas mais ça doit pas être évidant de passer du temps a chercher des pb ou yen a pas et tout ça sans être rémunéré pendant que ceux qui investissent font des x2 x5 x10 lol

  9. La vidéo sur animoon c la seule où il a réussi à faire un peu de vue et c’est la plus récente ca montre la hype autour du projet

  10. listened to you when you said the companions were a scam and they were so I guess ill listen again thanks.

  11. Sympa tes videos.
    J'avoue que nintendo ne se genera clairement pas pour les attaquer. Je me rappel encore de cet Australien qui c’était amusé a leaker un Jeux Wii sur internet avant sa date de sortie. Nintendo a porté plainte contre lui et a bien évidemment eu gain de cause..

  12. Hey thanks for the video, do you have any suggestions about Mutant Ape Planet?

  13. I just lost 0.3 ETH on this shit rug pool animoon project I'm so frustrated and feel bad dame 😥😢

  14. Guys a group of french people is trying to take down the founder of animoon Marc Blata, the hashtag on Twitter is #blatarnaque

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