30 gedachten over “Anime Is Still Satanic”

  1. most things are. this whole world is technically just satans

  2. Matt is literally the type of guy who jokes about people shitting on him about his takes on anime… while obviously never have watching an anime in his entire life

  3. Yes and no depends on the anime . Like if they are eating people or are overtly sexual…but if its like sailor Moon..then not as much

  4. Wait is it satanic??? Also I disagree with not watching cartoons that just stupid

  5. Well damn… I'll just keep my satanic anime to myself then 🤣🤷💯

  6. Don't understand your hate-boner for animer, but well, it's your opinion. Don't know why all the talk….
    Humans are weird.

  7. Lmao 😂 who cares if you say anime is satanic and honestly with some of the giggle physics in those shows I don’t disagree. Anime still slaps satanic or not

  8. This is a satanicly controlled world, are you sure you are not satanic , you could be without knowing haha no i trust you matt otherwise i wouldnt watch you, please dont sprinkle truth with lies like a lot of media out their.

  9. As an anime enjoyer.. i can confirm most of its straight up satanic.

  10. Why is that in the news 😭😭. Are people that sensitive? ☠️

  11. This dude probably likes shonen and seinen, he values masculinity.
    Moe is shit though.

  12. Anime is satanic. It doesn’t take a genius to see that. Most of it promotes demonism.

    The protagonists are either humans who turn into demon lords or are possessed by demons or eat devil fruits and so forth to gain incredible powers to battle other demons or gods.

  13. when a propaganda system jumps up and down about a topic like this, it means somebody is trying to get the narrative back on track. in this case the narrative of: “Matt Walsh should not be listened to”

  14. Anime has pictures of dismemberment and bloody slaughter, but people watch more pg anime like dbz and bleach, but there are way darker anime that are out there, so it is satanic

  15. If they only knew how much humor they create…..this is hilarious. Keep up the triggering, Matt, as this is HIGHLY ENTERTAINING.

  16. i like some anime and alot of it is satanic i have to admit that but i dont believe in the bible so its fine with me still love ya matt lol

  17. I mean some shows do star the devil or devils…. lol but no they aren’t all satanic. There are many he would probably like or would like to watch with his kids. Think pre woke disney

  18. Japanese anime rules! I've been watching it since 2008. And I really enjoyed it especially because it wasn't PC, which gets annoying after awhile. I read Manga too. The stories and artwork are quite entertaining.

  19. Love Matt Walsh and I also love anime, especially studio ghibli 😂

  20. I won't call anime, satanic. Its a media people enjoy. They are just angry that its beating anything west is making. I know this is a satire. Just giving my opinion.

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