12 gedachten over “An anti-war protester and employee of Russia’s state-run Channel interrupted live broadcast”

  1. It's the people(who have nothing to do with this) who suffer in the end

  2. It's very complicated situation.
    But in the end not only Russian and Ukrainian but whole world will suffer from inflation after sanctions on Russia.
    Guess what west country will tolerate the inflation at certain extent but middle income and poor countries will be highly affected.

  3. Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.” — Mahatma Gandhi

    Gandhi proved that non-violence can change history. Let us be inspired by his courage and conviction.

  4. जब भी एक अकेले व्यक्ति को राज मिला है यही परि‌‌णाम मिले है। इसीलिए विपक्ष का होना ज़रूरी है

  5. UN and NATO can post messages of sympathy and empathy formed funded by West and allies only rich developed countries . 

    A country and it's allies to stay super power[ with its currency to rule world] invading all oil countries by broadcasting those oil nation leaders as corruptive in their own funded channels or broad casting  racists fights religious /caste fights political fights , linguistic fights or own created /funded reason of militant groups or nuclear weapons possession reason or creating civil wars  to invade countries. 

     After oil is finished/taken /supplied to own countries  economy is weak leaving countries like Iraq Syria Libya Afghanistan Yemen Palestine  If not oil , selling ancient artifact's taking treasures  of a nation making a country a poor.

     If a country is poor automatically other country is rich with its currency in trading in world 

    A country is doing as Britishers did to many nations before 2 nd world war . Wars only for supremacy of powers on a nation in world . Before elections in every country any party can play these political  games to create unrest and win people's votes with religious fights or racists fights or war fights .

    Common people know only living with hard earned money  not wars.

    Most literacy is there now a days people should understand politics in institutions of world.

     A president or PM cabinet some congress/parliament of 500 or ruling party of  1000 people of a country alone deciding a billions of peoples fate with wars . 

    Only 2000 people of two nations decided wars or only a cabinet parliament and PM or president .

    People should be aware of this .

     If a country ruling party is taking wrong decision people should suppress wrong decision as voted to it. As Russians protesting "NO WAR"

    Ukraine and Russia can sign a peace treaty for peace . After war Ukrainians and Russians need to work for their economy  . 

    WARS LEAVE ONLY LOSSES to humankind . Wars create famines unemployment inflation recession deaths injuries disturbs peace all missiles emissions collected in sky disturbs environment  with radiation Eco balance is disturbed which will result in floods power cuts education of students of all countries are disturbed Lands will become unfertile with missile bombings. Agriculture sector Aviation sector Industry sector all sectors of a country is disturbed.

    " Negotiate wars with peace "

    20 days of war all countries prices increased Russian companies at some loss[ no airlines working] Ukraine companies at loss [no exports and imports] . India vegetable oil prices increased as it was import from ukrain Imports of pharma got disturbed . All nations business are at some loss .Common people suffering of world by leaving to borders in other countries. 

    All taxes paid by hard earners is wasted in wars for weapons rather than in welfare of people. 


     India supported all nations at covid times with vaccines after crisis of government change in Afghanistan with 5 million tonnes of wheat last year 2021 Srilanka which has shortage of power  etc .

    Many  countries were/ are  in war 2021-2022 civil wars or government crisis or militant crisis or 2 president crisis or drug crisis  or internal conflicts drowning global economy and standards of living.

    India is in support of peace between Russia and Ukraine


  6. The criminal activities of Anti-US Constitution American Democrat public employees Joe Biden and Kamala Devi Harris and Alejandro Mayorkas and Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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