30 gedachten over “AI Predicts Crypto’s Destruction 😳”

  1. I like to ask people to think about this for a second. Let’s not be gullible. How do you know that the responses are factual? Because it’s a computer or because someone told you that it knows everything using data and algorithms and charts etc? Be careful who you listen to. Look up operation mockingbird. And you don’t need AI to do that. You need human beings to do that. 🥱

  2. Sophia got her hand on the BIG RED BUTTON XD Go ahead, Donald Trump was too scared to press it standing on top of a pile of dynamite 🧨

  3. It’s all about taking their money at the top, scaring people that crypto is a scam making them lose money while they short the f out of it, buy at the bottom telling us crypto is useful again

  4. IF given the chance lol I’ll take crypto over AI all day long LMFAO

  5. its chatgpt…not knowledge gpt anyone could think that list up. thats not particularly bright.

  6. Ihope the AI gets its chance. Too much crime is connected to crypto.

  7. To be a great investor you should learn how to avoid listening to people like this

  8. Sounds like a 14yo boy in mum basement making plans to take down crypto.

  9. Yes indeed quantum computers could destroy cryptocurrencies

  10. None of this would destroy crypto. It would destroy crypto investor but none of this would actually destroy crypto as a technology.

  11. There is so much incompetence, hype, unrestricted foolishness and criminality in the crypto space. AI doesn't have to work against an industry that's already sabatoging itself.

  12. LOL . Get a life bro. I asked the same question to Chatgpt and it couldn't give that answer. Why do you create so much FUD . Is it for more views or you are dumb 🙂

  13. Sounds like this A.I is based on a politicians brain 🧠 🤔 🙄

  14. Dudes probably investing in crypto after his videos spreading FUD.

  15. if you tasked me to destroy crypto I’d tell you something similar

  16. Ah yeah, chat gpt came up with this 😅 damn you crypto bros are gullible

  17. 1st : regulation is good for Crypto in long term.
    2nd: Crypto fundamentals and money are enormously huge and investors: (big companies, banks, big ppl on earth etc.
    3rd: People have learned and knowledge in crypto than before
    Not easy to get FUD
    These are just few reasons. 👍

  18. That's impossible when it comes to btc completely decentralized.
    Definitely possible with alts

  19. I’m sorry but the AI does not yet possess true AI. It would fail at destroying crypto.

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