30 gedachten over “AI Andrew Tate on How He Deals With Erections in the Public in 2023”

  1. "I have no errection" well that sounds like erectile dysfunction 🤣

  2. Soooo…… He has erectile dysfunctions? Seems about right.

  3. You should really act like you’re actually asking and receiving an answer, these videos would blow up with people screaming that’s it’s fake lol

  4. First time AI couldn't pull off a voice because it'd be impossible to do a half British half American accent 😂

  5. No one can tell because its too small to see 😂😂😂

  6. I love how this was basically just one long way of saying: "I don't, as I have erectile dysfunction."

  7. Most of your videos are funny, but you’ve gone too far on this one. We don’t make fun of victims of corruption.😒

  8. He doesn't hide an erection, the erection hides from him

  9. interesting that every other one of these actually sounds like the words those dudes would use but top gs intellect is superior to AI and you can tell this isnt him hahahhhahaha

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