95% of Crypto are about to CRASH to $0!

laatste update: 03-2023

“95% of Crypto are about to CRASH to $0!” Crypto is the future, for sure.

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30 gedachten over “95% of Crypto are about to CRASH to $0!”

  1. What nobody tells you about Mark Cuban is he was about a year from being broke. When he sold his business to yahoo and the bubble he is talking about burst, Yahoo literally went bankrupt within a year because of that buy. He got beyond stupidly lucky. I honestly dont think people like him are what we make them out to be. Yeah, he worked hard but his online radio company was viable for less then 5 years to make 6 billion on a company like that pretty muich doesnt happen. Yahoos Stock price went from 200 to 12 dollars when the bubble burst in 2000. Mark Cuban would have been worth nothing if he was forced to wait a year or so.EBYRYJND7CEQGXJKGURAFH

  2. We are wasting so much power to mine bitcoin and other crypto. It doesn't make sense.
    The person who invented the bitcoin certainly wants the world to be destroyed and it's propaganda of multiple govts. Exploiting people and their money. They showed a jump of 1000% to attract attention that it has some value. What are they doing now. Most importantly the whole shenanigan of bitcoin was sold as a hack-proof system, what the duck happened to that. The team who invented bitcoin are duckers, sold their integrity to bring the darkness. I got carried away by bitcoin too. But it will crush like hell, rest assured not because of recession because they want to crush it and make moolah out of your money as dollar and whole monetary system around the globe is a ponzy scheme.

  3. The wisest decision that should be on everyone’s mind currently should be to invest in different streams of income that doesn't depend on the government. Especially with the current economic crisis around the world. This is still a good time to invest in Gold, Silver/Diamonds and digital currencies(BTC, ETH, SHIBA..). 💰

  4. Yes like your FTX token you where promoting you should be a shame of your self!!

  5. Thanks for the good summary! Now is the perfect time to start buying BTC if you are just being introduced. I just made my third withdrawal yesterday for 2023. I really wish I started earlier. I’m learning this doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make it out to be. Thanks to Alex Gomez for helping me get into his trade signal and investing guidelines. Investing and trading are more than just having TA skills. There is a big component of discipline and emotional maturity, that one has to work on! Time in the market vs. timing the market. If you keep that mentality as an investor, you will stay calm during the storm! Within some months I was making a lot more money and have continued on that same path with Alex Gomez

  6. This guy is just making stuff up about crypto AS he's speaking. I've never seen a guy that makes less sense than this imbecile….watch Ari Jules then you see what I'm talking about. Lololol.

  7. NFTs r stupid 😂and a waste of money 💴

  8. Hello Mrs Natalia the bitcoin trader is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with strategies…

  9. Quite brilliant & interesting project, Its community is fast growing. This has definitely huge potential as well.

  10. I've decided if I win the lottery I will buy Superbowl adds telling people what a dumb investment BTC is .

  11. Good valid business models? You mean literally kill off all competition and go in pocket to the federal government

  12. Fake unbacked money. Anybody that trades in Bitcoin is a fool.

  13. When your garbage man is telling you to buy crypto it’s over guys …. Working class people investing in Bitcoin are and will not become millionaires wake up

  14. I wouldn't trust Kevin O'Leary's friend. They know even less than us

  15. Mark, when banks collapse the consequences will come full circle in the entire economic system! Most of you forget the fundamentals of the banking system! Cryptos business model is much riskier than the banking system.

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