9 Days Left: Is a Wyckoff Uptrend Reversal Coming Soon for Theta & TFuel? in 2022

laatste update: 08-2022

The Wyckoff Method has predicted Bitcoin’s price movements exactly so far. Are we nearing the end of this down cycle and is an uptrend coming soon? Also, find out if there will be a selloff just before or on June 30th.

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0:00​ Intro
0:23 9 days left MN3 stats
1:12 Theta & TFuel prices
2:10 News traders system
3:36 Wyckoff Method summary
4:22 Distribution
4:44 Accumulation
5:12 Wyckoff projection
6:05 The spring?
7:13 Bitcoin & Wyckoff
7:54 Uptrend before MN3?
8:21 Staking options
8:45 Feedback

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30 gedachten over “9 Days Left: Is a Wyckoff Uptrend Reversal Coming Soon for Theta & TFuel? in 2022”

  1. Can you make an up to date video on how to stake tfuel on Gpool? I have accumulated 10k tfuel and want to stake as soon as 3.0 hits. I don’t have a computer or Mac. Great vids btw!

  2. Tfuel all but impossible to buy in the states. Simple swap is totally unreliable for it as well. Their swaps for tfuel were offline for 4 days a few weeks ago when it was .35 and when they fixed their garbage network the price had gone to .45 and I didn’t swap. Now it’s up even more. Anyone know an easier and more reliable method for getting tfuel in the states other than simple swap or change angel?

  3. I believe we have already had the sell off and are in phase C. This whole drop of markets have been heavily manipulated down & onchain metrics show we are majorly over sold & equal to the huge Covid drop last year. So far, we are holding our BTC line in the sand @ 31815

  4. Excellent and consistent overall commentary. 

    One question I have in regard to Theta is: does it matter if one stakes all ones Theta tokens in one stake or if they are staked in multiple stakes? For example, for simplicity's sake, if one has 1500 tokens presently staked, and, in the meanwhile, one accumulates an additional 1000 tokens, is there an advantage in terms of Tfuel rewards, whether one's total number of Theta tokens are staked in two separate stakes or might it be advantageous to unstake the 1500 tokens and re-stake them with the new tokens, in a single, 2500 token stake?

  5. I dont understand the narrative. We need a pull back we need lower prices. SO when 3.0 happens and Theta is 2 dollars and tfuel is 20 cents how will that make investors feel. This is ludicrous.

  6. 100% agree, back up the truck and keep it parked in the loading bay for the next 3-5 days at least. Christmas has come early for the hoddlers. This time is not for children

  7. Regardless of the Manipulated Sell Off, Theta will Reach a point sometime Soon where NO THETA Will be AVAILABLE to SELL!! Keep Buying The Dip ThetaKnights!! They want a WAR? Let's Give them a War!!

  8. <Analisten hebben voorspeld dat dit jaar het grootste tot nu toe zal zijn voor cryptovaluta, ik blijf erg onaangedaan over deze dip's. Hoewel dergelijke dips de mogelijkheid bieden om in te kopen wanneer de beren op hun plaats zijn, vooral tijdens de handel, omdat het lijkt alsof de handel toeneemt en nu de grootste verdiener wordt. Een slimme handelaar zal deze dip gebruiken voor meer handelsgelijkheid. Een professionele marktanalist en signaalaanbieder voor bitcoin zoals Tom Luka. ik was in staat om mijn 1,2 btc te laten groeien tot een totaal van 3,9 btc handel met zijn signaaldiensten. Tom wordt geleverd met een zeer hoge nauwkeurigheid (een echte expert) Ik zou haar gemakkelijk strikt aanbevelen voor zorgen over bitcoin ( @Tom_Luka ) op te–leg—ram>

  9. it's just forgetting an ATH in Theta and Tfuel before 3.0. If the volatility that is now further into the year continues, we will be happy if ATH is reached on both coins

  10. I think same way happen on frm rn, as it shows identical chart move. Anyway, any opinions on FRM staking?

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