7/14/2022 Quantum Stellar Initiative (QSI) Money Mastery with Annie @Annie Kolatkar and Ashley

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Episode 4: Wishful Thinking Consciousness

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Wishful or Magical Thinking keeps us out of what is and focused on what is missing, lost, not present and moves into Desire, Wanting, and Needing all wrapped up with fear-based Hope. This is known as Hopium. It creates discord in the relating between self, others and life. It stems from powerless states. The misperception is that what we want, need, or desire is outside of us and we are disconnected with fear hoping to get connected to it

Quantum Kindness
Unlimited Potential
Soliloquy in Peace
Conscious Creation
Precipice of Creation

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  1. Thank you wonderful souls for this most timely presentation and for all the love, inspiration, empowerment you strive to bring forth…much gratitude…and have the best most magical days as we quantum leap!…cheers!

  2. leap of consciousness thank you beautiful people give me goose pimples

  3. EMILY!!! 😃 I was wondering where you went with the videos. Keep it up 👍🏾

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH to you for your service and your kind and peaceful and wise words, although physically I live some 1000 kilometers away I am connected to you we are a great, peaceful and loving family. Bruno Daniel

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