4 Best Stocks to buy now in India 🔥 Best Shares for long term | Best Stocks 2023 💥Penny Stocks

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4 Best Stocks to buy now in India 🔥 Best Shares for long term | Best Stocks 2023 💥Penny Stocks
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Teji Mandi is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) – INA000015303 and a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Financial Services.

With Teji Mandi, You get a ready to invest portfolio of 12-15 quality stocks , you also get rationale of why we have kept the stocks in the portfolio. The portfolio is actively managed by a team of experts who regularly review the stocks and rebalance the portfolio as and when required, we also share the reasoning why was any stock added or removed from the portfolio? All this information is given to you in an easy to understand language.

With Teji Mandi, build a long term portfolio, Investing in portfolio and Rebalance happens with one click on Teji Mandi or Smallcase App, you can start investing right away with your existing demat account.

The minimum investment to start with as low at INR 19-25k depending on the value of the 15-20 stocks in Teji Mandi portfolio on the day of buying.

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We talk about top 4 stocks. These stocks are at undervalued rates and can have potential to become multibagger based on our strategy.
One of these four stocks which we have discussed comes at Rs. 60 which can be regarded as a penny stock price though the company doesnt fall in a penny stock category. Bonus / Split help reduce the stock price but the fundamentals of the company remains same and in long term investment , with increasing share price we can get compund returns by investing in such stocks.
Investing in stock market should not be based on tips and recommendations.So we should do all due analysis before investing in any stock.
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Best stocks portolio –
Hppiest Minds stock –
Best stocks to buy now –
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NOTE:- All the information discussed here is views of Stock4Retail team and members. None of the stocks / information discussed here is any kind of recommendation and is shared only for information purpose.

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  7. sir you give complete information about all the shares but you are requested to tell the price to buy

  8. Sir ircon international Ltd me FII or DII 15% nahi ho Raha hai

  9. मेरे पास विप्रो के 402.50 के औसत से 59 शेयर हैं,अब मेरी रणनीति क्या होनी चाहिए।

  10. <Staking inside your wallet unlike external investments really is the best rn. Blew my portfolio to 27k in a short time connecting to a validation pool. YouTube doesn't allow me write it fully, but check my display name and bio for my validator's contact.

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